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TO BEGIN WITH... - 21/05/2001

Welcome to the Feedback section of Swirled News. Here is the place to air your thoughts and feelings on anything you have read on this web site. Alternatively, you can use it to post up anything at all you want to share with Swirled News readers.

To open – as obviously there is no Feedback until we receive some! – here are some of the many letters Swirled News’s printed predecessor SC journal had in its final issue as testimonies to what went before and as good luck messages for our new incarnation…

Wishing all the SC team the very best in their next venture – despite the fact that I shall now be forced to go onto the Net – so far avoided – thanks SC!!!
MARY BENNETT, Avebury, Wilts

Re. the demise of SC; terribly sad, completely understandable and absolutely right! Thank you so much for all you have achieved through your devotion to the cause. May I wish you God-speed as you widen your horizons… …Receiving SC more or less regularly has been a highlight of my life! Thank goodness the meetings are to continue.
PAMELA RIHAL, Heathfield, East Sussex

Good luck for future endeavours.
PETER DOYE, Croydon, Surrey

Thank you for all the work in the past and I look forward to your web site.

Sorry to hear SC is coming to an end; it’s been an excellent up-dating guide to many season’s crop circle activities. I see your point, now that the Internet provides an even quicker service. However, we’ll miss the articles. (There are still relevant articles! - Ed)
MIKE ROGERS, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

For the last 4 years SC magazine has provided me with an excellent source of topical debate about the crop circle phenomenon and related subjects, coming in a handy, pocket-sized read-anywhere format! Many articles have stimulated further thought and prompted me to read more books. I shall miss the magazine, especially Michael Glickman's column which never fails to make me laugh. However, I am pleased that the SCR meetings are to continue since the quality of the information disseminated at the group is always impressive and the open discussions add new perspectives to our study of the phenomenon. SCR meetings are certainly not a gathering of wacky people with wishy-washy ideas about crop circles, but a focal point which attracts a large number of highly intelligent, perceptive individuals keen to understand more about our existence. It is interesting to observe that each member of the SCR team has a specific specialist area of expertise that they bring to the group - no coincidence there, I'm sure! In my attempts to actively encourage people to come along to the SCR meetings and other similar groups, I have set up a website called Sussex Alternative Connections which provides all sorts of information about Sussex groups/events visit to see what you're missing!!
MELANIE GAMBRILL, Worthing, West Sussex

Good luck and best wishes for your new project.

Thanks for the good work!
RON RUSSELL, Aurora, Colorado, USA

So sorry to learn of your demise – SC will be sadly missed.
HALCYONE MARSH, New Milton, Hampshire

Your journal has made a very significant mark, as will come to be seen in any history of the phenomenon, and I shall miss it in spite of having access to the Net. There really is nothing else that comes near it for informative rational discussion about the croppie world and the overall scene in general. I hope you will be able to maintain the excellent service on your new web site in due course. I do understand your personal motives and also the rational basis behind the decision to discontinue SC. It only remains for me to wish you all success in your varied endeavours.
JACK SULLIVAN, Crowborough, East Sussex

Thanks a lot for the job you’ve done so far and for the one to follow.
JEAN ARCHAIMBAULT, La Rochelle, France

At the start of a new Millennium, I salute the passing of an era. SC is to be no more! At first I was sad, now, in a strange way, I am glad. You and many colleagues have done so much in this connection since issue number one – I have them all. Now you have a deserved freedom to reallocate some of your time. Well done, one and all. Although I’m not on the Internet, I’m sure news will get through to those who want to know. I am fortunate enough to live near enough to visit the famous SCR Scout Hut from time to time. Thank you and best wishes for the future.
GRAHAM HOLMAN, Forest Row, East Sussex

Sorry to learn that SC journal is folding. I shall no doubt miss the feeling of pleasant anticipation that comes with its appearance on my doormat, as well as its content of informative reportage on a most remarkable phenomenon. I feel certain that the SC journal, like others of its kind, will be seen to be important primary source material by future historians and others.
DERRICK HUNT, Bromley, Shropshire

Deep within us is the knowledge of who we truly are and it is to this part that I send my gratitude to you all at SCR and all who have been connected to SC. Our beings have been touched by the resonances of truth that this phenomenon has catalysed in our awareness and in the SC magazines, debates, meetings, symposiums, ad infinitum. Upwards and onwards.
NICHOLAS SHAKERLEY, South Ambersham, West Sussex

I was very sorry to read of the demise of SC. It is a bit like hearing about the death of an irritable old aunt, who I have never met, but who sent bilious letters every couple of months. I will miss SC very much.
PETER MEARNS, Hopwas, Staffordshire

Keep up the good work! Sad about the mag, but I look forward to the web site!
ROBIN JOLLIFFE, Weymouth, Dorset

Bon voyage to you… …I am one of the ‘dispossessed’, an OAP rising 86 who has sent the booklets around, but will keep all intact eventually… …I shall pass my own collection to my grandson – now 3 – when he is old enough to study and enjoy pattern, symmetry and maths… …Very many grateful thanks for the pleasure and culture you have given me and my friends.
PAM MCKEOWN, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Good luck with the Internet – perhaps I don’t move with the times enough! And thanks for all the team’s hard work over the nine years.
ANN APPELMELK, Nailsworth, Gloucester

I’m very sorry about the closure of SC, as many others will be too, especially if they are not on the Net! Keep up the good work.
MICHAEL GREEN (CCCS President), Clapham, London

It was indeed a shock to see issue 94 will be the last of such an excellent magazine… …Us out-of-touch types will be really missing the latest news your magazine was so good at giving. It is very understandable that the time involved every day in getting SC printed, etc. has got beyond being reasonable, but I would rather put up with a makeshift editor or something else than not to have SC at all! This also means no more dear old Glickers’s column either..! Perhaps he could do a twice yearly newsletter or something? Sincere wishes to all concerned for a very successful future.
MARGARET REVELL, Hounslow, Middlesex

Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication. I think this move is a great idea.
PAULINE BLACK, Worthing, West Sussex

I have enjoyed your publication and will look forward to seeing you on the Web. Thank you very much.
JO SAGE, Mountainair, New Mexico, USA

Keep the balance of my sub after the final SC. Buy a pint with it – you’ve done a superb job.
MIKE BRAYSHAW, Brighton, East Sussex

SC disappearing; it is a pity, but understandable. Thanks for all!
JALF BEVRIJDING, Aalten, The Netherlands

I applaud your decision to change from the written format to the Web. I am often frustrated by the length of time between the appearance of a new circle (which I find out about on the Crop Circle Connector web site) and your comments. The CCC does a grand job of reporting new formations, but there is no ‘editorial’ comment which you provide – a big part of the fun. Good luck, and I eagerly await visiting your upcoming site.
PENELOPE MARTIN, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

The journal will be sorely missed. I have enjoyed the dedicated but informal and irreverent approach used in reporting the circle phenomenon (it knocks socks off the [deleted!] publication that I also subscribe to), and hope the style will find its way into the new look website.
SIMON DAWES, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

It’s about time this wretched rag met its maker. May it smoulder forever on the eternal book-burning pyre.
DANNY SOTHAM, Clacton, Outer Mongolia

I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear of the demise of SC! For us non-electronics, a grievous loss. If it is not too late reconsider, reconsider! (Sorry! – Ed) …A sad day for crop circle dissemination when SC goes. That being said, I can imagine the huge amount of work you have to put in and you have already done as much as anyone in ‘promoting’ the phenomenon to a very wide audience for which no praise can be too high. Thank you for all the work you have done; very sorry to see you go.
BOB BOYD (Plymouth UFO Research Group), Plymouth, Devon

As you look forward to a new era in your life with the final issue of SC and the beginning of your new website Swirled News, I would like to take this opportunity, as a crop circle researcher, to thank you most sincerely for your unwavering dedication to circles research and the priceless information service you have provided through the pages of SC over the last nine years. I know many people, including myself, will miss the hard copy of SC very much, but I do understand and applaud your determination to move with the times, and wish you every success as you swirl your way through 2001. Cyberspace beckons… see you there.
CAROL COCHRANE (CCCS Chairman), London

Sorry we shall not have the SC bi-monthly mag any more, but not surprised. You were doing so much and we would all rather you could use the time more on your research… …Thank you for the mag/journal and I wish you well in all your research and projects. Your enthusiasm is infectious!
MARY FREEHOLD, Reigate, Surrey

Sorry to see SC go. Thank you for all your hard work. It was most informative – a good read!
HILLARY COPLAND, Horsham, West Sussex

I was very sad to read that SC was disappearing as a printed journal. But eventually I have got over the shock and am repeating to myself that in the future I can go regularly on the web and print out my own journal made up from all the information that you release on the homepage. Anyway, I’m going to miss the printed magazine. It has been a luxury to know that without doing anything other than paying the bill, I would, every second month, receive the information about crop circles you have chosen for the readers. I have enjoyed not having to take any responsibility, but just to be informed. That is a luxury in our times!

Yes, so sad. SC has been a unique and much loved ‘little’ magazine – its format, content, thoughtful little quotes, aliveness and identity endearing it to myself – and, of course, many others. You and your team are now on to new things, as is proper – though it is a sad reflection yet again of how the Internet, and all its interconnected services, is the new God which it seems no-one can do without… …Now it is time to thank you and all your team for all the issues of SC. I’ve been with you since the start, and you have provided much thoughtful comment, interest and pure pleasure of reading – all success to you for the future.
JOHN HITCHENS, Petworth, West Sussex

I'd like to thank you and the whole team for all the hard work you have put in producing SC. I am really going to miss it. I'd also like to say a very special ''thank you'' to Jason and Di for giving up a whole weekend last year to come and help set up the database for the WCCSG membership list. Thanks to all, and good luck with the new website.
DEREKA DODSON (Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group), Devizes, Wiltshire

The Medway Crop Circle would like to express its gratitude for all you have done for us. Since starting this group, which has had a lot of local support, we have looked to SCR as a role model. If it wasn't for so much encouragement, help and inspiration, we would probably never have got this thing off the ground… …We were surprised and upset when you told us the magazine was to finish. We shall REALLY miss the BEST crop circle magazine around, but of course it's a new beginning, and we look forward to clicking onto the new web site. MCC wishes you the greatest of luck.
ANN PEDERSEN (Medway Crop Circle), Rochester, Kent

I am fortunate enough to own all the issues of SC and the question I have to ask is: just how complex must these formations be before the Establishment finally decides to let the general public know that something truly amazing is going on in our fields?
MARTYN HICKS, Plymouth, Devon


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