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The recently published title ‘Crop Circles - Evidence of a Cover-Up’, by Nicolas Montigiani, re-asserts the old chestnut that crop circles may be made by the military, while criticising other beliefs. SABRINA ZAN FERRIS casts a critical eye over the book…

Nicolas Montigiani, a French photographer with a interest in unsolved mysteries, is the latest author to dispense jargon about the crop circles. ‘Crop Circles - Evidence of a Cover-Up’, is published by the very conspiracy-oriented Orbis Enigma books.

The book discusses only relatively recent circles that have been verified and photographed, even though the phenomenon began long ago. It is inclusive only of a conveniently partial circle history, to lend validation to its concluding arguments. In reference to the Mowing Devil account of 1678, the book states that the story involves intervention by “the devil, of whom extraterrestrials would be the ersatz version today”. From there we regress with a book that pokes fun at “New Age adepts”, “circle fanatics”, “UFO fans, among them the most troublesome sort of sectarian gurus”, and basically anyone who dares to entertain the notion that more exists than has been seen, heard, or proven before [despite including a respectful interview with our own Michael Glickman! - Ed].

The book dedicates considerable space to coverage of the Raelians, and discussion of opportunistic religious cults. It comes across like a juvenile attempt at intimidating open-minded people with ridicule by using this very extreme example of a misguided organisation. For those new to this irrelevant information, Raelians have claimed that the crop circles are pertinent keys to their ET-based religion, and they’ve busied themselves with attempts at eugenic human cloning.

The book’s argument is that the British military (possibly in cahoots with the US) is creating the circles with microwave laser weapons with the help of a balloon (oh no, Roswell again?). The concept is taken from the author’s interaction with an anonymous but supposedly well-known and respected French scientist. We are to believe that Monsieur X had access to a laboratory with powerful lasers. There’s something hokey about being shown a photo of a pot of wheat before being zapped, but then no “after” pictures to be seen. The book often references the French publication, ‘Science & Life’, which defers to a group of unbudging skeptics.

No matter what the military does or doesn’t do, if we deny the existence of future discoveries, we’re locked in density and ignorance. Besides, if there are such weapons, are the lasers powerful enough to create the intricate braids of the Corhampton Triplet, to mutilate cattle with precision, or to transform human consciousness? [And why would the military test their equipment so publicly, when they have acres of secret land to do so on? – Ed]

It’s another book to read, if you can endure continual reminders of irrelevant things such as the movie ‘Signs’, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. Montigiani’s book is a brief stop on the way to interesting discoveries, and certainly not the conclusion of the discussion.

‘Crop Circles - Evidence of a Cover-Up’, by Nicolas Montigiani, Orbis Enigma/Carnot Books 2003.




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