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THE FIRST FORMATIONS OF 2001 - 21/05/2001

The first new crop formations of this season have arrived…

After a tense wait, the first UK crop circle of the year – a simple double ringed circle in oilseed rape - has finally appeared, at Old Winchester Hill, Hampshire, first reported on May 14th, though it may have been there longer. Slower to begin than some seasons, this is certainly not the latest of the last decade.

Other countries are also active, with earlier reports from Canada, The Netherlands and Germany. For reports and further links on all of these new formations, and the many which will surely be following throughout the summer, click on the CROP CIRCLE CONNECTOR banner at the foot of the Headlines page. See also our LINKS page.

There had been some speculation from sceptics that the Foot and Mouth situation would prevent any formations appearing in the UK for a good while (the implication being that man-made teams would stay away, fearful of F&M fines). But ‘believers’ won’t see the slow or non-appearance of circles as meaningful, anyway. It has been argued by some that, knowing of the F&M situation and our restricted access to the fields, that the paranormal circlemakers might in any case stay away or hold back to accommodate the situation..! So F&M arguments over restrained appearances being proof of anything are, in truth, non-starters on both sides because the case could be argued each way!

Anyhow, the first formations of 2001 are here. And so the madness begins…


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