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The Longwood Warren formation of 1995, apparently showing our inner solar system with only the Earth ominously missing, predicted several dates, one of which has just passed…

Readers with long memories may recall that last autumn we had the date 6 September 2003 predicted in an astronomical–diagram formation of 1995 at Tichborne (see the various features about this in our August-to-November 2003 archives). That week co-incided with the closest approach of the planet Mars, and also saw the largest solar flare and biggest sunspots ever recorded.

Before that, the 1994 ‘galaxy’ designs had famously shown a date of 6/7 April 2000, a night which saw one of the largest solar storms in many years. [Our story ‘DATE PREDICTED IN CROP FORMATION APPROACHES’ from August 2003 goes into detail on all the astronomical formations.]

It is interesting to note that another date predicted, in the Longwood Warren ‘Earth is missing’ crop design of 1995 (which shows our inner solar system with all the planets but Earth marked – we have an orbit, but not a marker showing where we are) has just passed without anything of apparent significance – yet.

According to the work of astronomer Jack Sullivan, the Longwood Warren formation actually signified 16 January 1998 as the closest match to the configuration shown, with Earth in ‘inferior conjunction’ (closest approach) with Venus. What was significant about the 1998 date is still unknown. However, the next closest match, with such a conjunction, was 6 April 2004 – now gone. (interesting to note that last year’s September 6 date saw us at closest approach to Mars; this time it’s Venus.)

Some erroneous statements have been made on chatrooms and circulated e-mails that the date shown in the formation was 16 April 2004. This is wrong – it is 6 April being (potentially) shown, NOT the 16th. Given some of the doomy prophecies attached to these incorrect musings, concerning cometary impacts and the like, we are happy to say that with the correct date now having passed, Earth still appears to be here.



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