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We’re back, after a bit of a break…

Swirled News is up and running again after an unexpected winter hibernation break.

This does mean we have accumulated a fair amount of Feedback and potential articles over the dark months which may now not see the light of day, as time has moved on and catching-up is a pain! So, we humbly apologise if any of you submitted any material which never got featured, but for sanity of mind we’ve pretty much decided to start the 2004 summer season with a clean slate.

Swirled News should hopefully get updated at least once a month from now on, and we look forward to receiving any contributions or Feedback about contemporary events. For those more impatient souls among you, please remember that we are a purely voluntary service and the only guarantee we can give is that the site gets updated when it gets updated!

ANDY THOMAS, editor, Swirled News


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