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DIAMOND LIFE - 07/11/2003

JOHN TH. NILSSON believes he has “The handfirm proof of extraterrestrial energy!”, found in Norwegian carbon clumps…

The handfirm proof of extraterrestrial energy!

In Norway last year, some carbon clumps were found scattered on the ground. A professor in geology examined them and concluded that the carbon had been in a liquid phase before they turned solid. We talk about 3500 degrees Celcius and further up! Later on, a professor in chemistry stated that there are microdiamonds in these clumps! So, in order to find out the source of the carbon, a ‘c-12/c-13’ test was made. The result showed that the origin of the carbon was photosynthesizing plants! What kind of energy can melt carbon and have a pressure that is so powerful, that diamonds are made? No scientists could explain this mystery. Many months later a friend of mine told me about the American geologist Diane L. Conrad and her research on clay that had been mineralized.

Now, there was a scientific explanation of what could have happened with the carbon. A strong energy from above hits some plants, they burn. Carbon and water is the end-product of all biological materials that burn. The carbon gets hotter, and when the carbon is liquid, the pressure mentioned earlier squeezes the carbon so much that microdiamonds are made. When a person holds one of these clumps in his/her hand, a warm "magnetic" feeling will fill the person.

The answers are in the crop circles, and this unknown energy explains the process. The energy hits some vegetation, it burns, melts and together with this extreme pressure, microdiamonds are made.

All queries on scientific data, questions of taking over these clumps for further research and other types of questions can be made to:

Carbon clump (photo: JOHN TH. NILSSON)
Carbon clump (photo: JOHN TH. NILSSON)


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