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CHEMICALS OR ICE? - 07/11/2003

Two views on this year’s North Down ‘molecule’ formation...

In reference to the crop circle at North Down (2), nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire, reported 10th August:

I did some basic research and postulate that it represents a chemical molecule in the amino acid group, consisting of three carbon atoms with extensions of hydrogen or oxygen. Perhaps an amino acid of a living organism human or - ???

Any developments in discovering what this molecule is?



I had an idea to search for molecules to match the ‘molecule’ formation (North Down) of this year.

I looked at dozens of sacred plant molecules on the erowid vaults, and sugars, lipids, nucleotides, amino acids, hydrocarbons etc. on the molecule library at:

I found that ice is most like the formation. However, when I looked at the enlarged picture of the ice molecule, it looks exactly like the crop formation, except there are no breaks in the hexagons. Here is the gif:



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