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DERRICK HUNT wonders about the meaning of this year’s ‘swallows’ formation…

In the opening frames of the Nikola Duper film ‘Crop Circles A Silent Knowing’, the four protagonists are introduced by their voices overlaying country scenes. The "...we don't know..." words of Michael Glickman are heard over the scene of a butterfly feeding upon a corymb of ragwort flowers. The butterfly is perhaps a Gatekeeper, for that same species of Gatekeeper butterfly is indicated to Michael by Stanley Messenger in another video entitled ‘The Woodborough Conversation’ [see review this month - Ed].

Some might say that butterflies are irrelevant to the study of the crop circle phenomenon! If, however, you subscribe to James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis of there being a Collective Planetary Consciousness, composed of all its individual sentient parts, then every butterfly has a place in the metaphysical scheme of things, however lowly. Moreover, I've always been imaginatively stimulated by the proposition that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings could set in motion an atmospheric turbulence, whereby eventually the flutterby butterfly gives rise to a full-blown hurricane! Hyperbole, no doubt, but nevertheless thought-provoking.

Is it, do you think, way over the gung-ho top to fevered brow speculate that the Walkers Hill "swallows" or "swifts" formation, indicates that an 'armada' from many other worlds is a possibility!? Having saved themselves from the ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fatman’ nuclear fission
plasma-generated psychic tornado of terror and torment Zwing Zwang Zum, by way of a metaphysical cordon sanitaire of sacred geometry about us, they may now feel Universally 'Gaia' compelled to save us from ourselves, by way of shocking and terrifying, the nasty malevolent shite out of fatmen and little boys simply by their massed energetic, and benevolent presence in the heavens above!?

"Prophecy is the lamp of world's light,
But ecstasy in the same niche has room.
The Spirits is the breath that sighs through me,
And mine the thought that blows the trump of doom.
Vision said it in my eye.
Moses stood on Sinai."

- AL HAJI, a Sufi poet put to death in Baghdad.

Way over the top, indeed. Moreover, I much prefer the verdant butterfly habitat of Walkers Hill to the sterile aridity of sand-blasted Mt. Sinai, any day!



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