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CRIME OF HEIN’S SOAP - 11/11/2003

ZAN OVERALL takes serious issue with recent statements made by Dr Simeon Hein on the Art Bell radio show…

I caught Dr. Simeon Hein on The Art Bell show on November 9 2003. Art Bell, like Sarah Bernhardt, has returned again from retirement and does a show from 10PM to 3AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

I heard Dr. Hein say that, beginning in the nineties as the circle makers honed their skills, ALL the big complicated formations were human made. Art Bell brought up Milk Hill 2001 and was told that “ten people” did it. Dr. Hein said they "didn't mind working in rain." I note that the farmer said there were clouds sitting on the hill that night, so I guess they aren't impeded by FOG either!

When they started taking calls, I got in the queue (I was in England this summer and you may notice that I picked up some of the language). While I was waiting, I called Michael Glickman on my cell phone and told him what was going on over here. He reassured me that ten people did NOT make Milk Hill in the rain and fog [a hitherto unheard of claim – Ed]. When I got on the air, emboldened by that knowledge, I told Art Bell about my call to Michael and suggested to Art that he get Michael on the line, which he did. He set up a debate between the "scientist" (as Hein keeps calling himself) and the "crop circle fundamentalist." That is what Hein called Michael or any researcher who holds to the quaint notion that crop circles, at least the big fancy ones, are not made by people. I'll give Hein this much: he is SLICK! Michael brought up the Milk Hill testimony of John Lundberg, one of the human circlemakers Hein admires. Lundberg implied he didn't think that Milk Hill 2001 was human-made. Hein noted that Michael had called all hoaxers deceivers and said something like "If they're all deceivers, why would you believe Lundberg?". Meaningless but effective rhetoric.

Hein, when challenged forcefully, plays the role of a poor witch about to be burned by the crop circle "fundamentalists" or compares himself to Galileo confronting the Pope.

What didn't get said about Lundberg was that this was an admission against interest and also was not a simple denial of human creation of Milk Hill. He actually ran the numbers! He said: "One of those (400+) circles would need to be created every 30 seconds and that's not even allowing any time for the surveying, purely flattening..."

Michael did a good job of showing how trivial and meaningless the hoax question is to anyone who looks into the subject deeply. But it's astounding to hear a PhD see Colin Andrews and raise him 20. No more 80-20%. Hein says 100% man-made regarding the big ones! He leaves us a few simple circles. Gee, thanks! Just what I wanted!

I'll close with some good news. George Noory, the new host on the old Art Bell Show, would have bought Hein's line and swallowed the hook and sinker. Art Bell concluded the show this way: "I'm going to definitely give a lot of thought to this program tonight and what's been said on both sides... because honestly, previously, and I'm not sure that I've let go of it, my view was... I think I still believe it: IMPOSSIBLE FOR MAN TO HAVE DONE IT! IMPOSSIBLE FOR MAN TO HAVE DONE IT! I'm certainly not as cemented in my position as Michael Glickman and I would dearly love to see a demonstration of something of that magnitude and one thing that I brought out of all of this... I think... is that there has been no demonstration... of some of the complicated circles that we've seen appear on our earth!"

Dr. Hein, you were SLICK!... but NOT slick enough.



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