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Though nothing immediately obvious happened on the date, we have received a number of further postulations as to the significance of the 1995 formation which displayed the planets arranged on September 6th 2003 (see recent Headlines)...

September 6th may not have marked the exact date of commencement, but is it insignificant (after the 1994 ‘galaxy’ formations appeared to accurately ‘predict’ a huge solar storm on 6/7 April 2000) that the period of weeks since have seen one of the biggest bursts of activity from the Sun in recorded history? We have had the largest ever solar flare, two sunspots each the size of Jupiter visible at the same time (another first) and X-class particle storms creating auroral phenomena in unexpected places around the globe. The sunspot cycle is now completely haywire. Something weird is definitely going on with our star…


I find it interesting to note that around September 5th, potentially hazardous asteroids were buzzing around earth, and there were other events. There was also a huge Sunspot burst from another star that affected us on the night side of the planet. So it is pretty busy up there. Maybe you can check out this site and find some relation:


Regarding your collection of anecdotes about unusual happenings on September 6th last: There was a major computer breakdown that day which affected the BA flight control system. I know that because I was flying to Paris and waited nearly two hours in the queue to check in.


Do you think maybe the 1995 formation predicted this latest great big solar storm? I bet everyone is asking you that question.



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