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So what did happen on 6 September 2003, the date predicted by the 1995 crop formation, asks ANDY THOMAS..?

Well, not much, is the answer to the above question, nothing obvious, anyway.

There had been a lot of speculation on the Internet about what might happen on the date predicted in the 1995 Tichborne formation, which showed the Earth’s inner solar system surrounded by a series of Mars positions (see recent headline story), exactly as it would be on 6th September 2003.

As yet, nothing overly notable about that date has made itself known, but, as we said in our report: “don’t come complaining to us if nothing significant occurs… The meaning may be far more subtle than we know – or only become clearer retrospectively.” So time may yet reveal a meaning.

However, some Swirled News readers have made a couple of suggestions. In the more spiritual realms, Rachel Emrick writes:


“The day of September 6th marked the further emergence of Master Maitreya into the world and the transformation has begun, meaning the aggressions and misuse of Martian energy is now being transformed into its true use of "non-personal outgoing force". Much work has already been accomplished in the Middle East and other parts of the globe that are in the "Mis-use".

“More is coming… there will be many electrical storms and other phenomena - marking the emergence of Ascended Masters into this earth plane. The Astrological configuration of the "Star of David" on November 8th is a sign of the ‘Portal Opening’ - to allow many enlightened beings to walk the earth.”


Rather more alarmingly, pointing out the resemblance of the current life-threatening storm in the USA, ‘Isabel’, with a number of hurricane-shaped formations, another reader, called Nik, writes:


“Has anyone over in your department noticed the correlation of the starting date of hurricane Isabel (September 6th)?”


In terms of solar activity (expected by some due to the 1994 galaxies seemingly predicting a sun storm), about the only notable thing which took place on our star was two coronal holes appearing that day, but this does not seem to be treated as anything out of the ordinary by the astronomical websites.

Any other readers out there want to make their own suggestions..?



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