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SUNRISE CIRCLE - 25/08/2003

A formation arrived unseen right next to 2000 people this Solstice, according to DOREEN JENKINSON…

I was at Avebury this year at the time a new formation was laid - clearly visible from the Red Lion Pub and from the Avenue site. I arrived at 3.30am in time for the Solstice sunrise - there must have been around 2000 people present. When the sun rose in the early morning at 3.45am, in the field to the right of Avebury, there was clearly seen by everyone a huge circle. Sally Mudge had a word with the farmer later that day who said it was not there the evening before - it must have arrived during the night - with 2000 witnesses!

I would mention I was staying at a camp site at Lydeway near Devizes. Some of the campers had seen around 5.00pm on Friday 20th June an unusual aircraft. It was very long - not quite as big as a jumbo jet, but somewhere near that size. It was grey - had a hump in the middle and had no windows. That night, around midnight (Friday/Saturday) there were powerful military aircraft encircling the area which went on for about 10 minutes... followed by helicopters encircling. Just thought I would mention this in case it is relevant.



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