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GOING FOR GOLD - 24/08/2003

ROBIN recounts some strange occurrences with gold in a 2002 formation…

I noticed the bit about crop circle stories. Here's mine. It occurred last year and is accurate in every detail. I posted this text to Crop Circle Connector after it happened.

I visited the Normanton Down formation in July 2002 and I thought I'd contact you regarding an unexplainable occurrence that happened whilst we were there and I was wondering how common this sort of thing is. This is what happened:

One of our party of four, Diane, was dowsing with a pendulum very near to the central vortex. It was a gold chain with a gold bob tied on the end. She suddenly felt the weight drop as if it had fallen off, although she wasn't looking at it at the time. She hadn't moved, as she was sat on a small folding chair, so thought it would be below on the flattened corn as she was holding it about a foot above the ground. However, she looked all around and it wasn't to be found. Some Swiss people had come into the formation and got involved and when I returned to the centre they were all looking for it.

We spent about an hour in total examining the formation and looking for the lost gold weight! On leaving the formation and arriving at the approach path, Bob, Diane's husband, was catching us up and said "Get your camera ready, I've got a present for Di". I got my camera out and he produced the lost weight from his pocket. "where did you find it?" we asked. You'll never believe this" he said, "I found it in the envelope in my bag". The envelope was a plastic A4 sleeve containing pictures of the formation downloaded from your site and was kept in a shoulder bag.

The bag was on the ground in the centre circle some feet away from Di when she was dowsing (I have a photograph taken at the time showing the position before the pendulum dropped). This is exactly how it happened and we have no logical answer as to how the weight came to be in the bag.

Also, soon after we entered the circle, before we learnt of the disappearance, my friend Shella noticed that her gold watch had also vanished! Unfortunately it has never been found.

Whilst I'm mentioning it, I have done much ley dowsing with rods on the Isle of Wight where we live and I maintain a healthy objectivity for this phenomena and other earth mysteries such as crop circles. On dowsing with rods in this and other formations I found single responses at every 'node' point in the patterns, starting with the centre vortex. I imagine this is well known to you but I thought I'd mention it. Incidentally, when we got to the Normanton Down site, someone had done what looked like a hoax piece of a few feet on the arm nearest the approach path. I dowsed the junction with no response. All other such junctions that were part of the original formation exhibited a positive response. I do trust my dowsing technique, it is consistent. Man-made circles don't seem to exhibit this phenomena.



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