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AGAINST THE GRAIN - 23/08/2003

Are crop circles a warning about grain-consumption, asks PATRICIA WEBB..?

I do not know whether crop circles do exist, but if they do exist [well, wherever they come from, they certainly DO exist! – Ed], I think that I know the reason. Linda Moulton Howe reported that there had been a message written in an ancient form of Latin, which was interpreted to mean “Deceit.”

Scientific investigations begin with hypothesis and this is my hypothesis for the reason behind crop circles from non-man-made sources. It would appear to me that it is a warning from an unknown source about our current grain consumption contributing to the decline in public health.

Evolution of the human species occurred during Paleolithic times, which was before the agricultural revolution. One of the oldest pieces of literature, the Bible, begins with Genesis, which tells the story of Adam and Eve being evicted from the Garden of Eden. It is thought by many to coincide with the agricultural revolution. The allegory further states that man toiled and the health of women deteriorated. This allegory corresponds to the toil of planting grain crops and the weight gain of women from the increase in consumption of grains.

The public health further decreased when grains were milled and so-called degenerate diseases that manifest at middle-age rose. Traditionally, grains have been used to feed the poor over populated masses, but recently they have been touted as the basis of a health conscious diet. In the last two decades, the grain consumption has risen and the obesity related health problems have escalated.

Do you see the connection? Are these warnings in vegetable and leaf crops?

Perhaps, the crisis is such that some unknown source feels a need to warn us. Actually, it is a crisis whether or not there is an unknown source warning us.



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