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TYRE-D? - 22/08/2003

MARTIN finds some grass circles - or tyre-tracks..?

This week I visited England for a business trip (telecoms, sigh...). Happily and fortunately, there wasn't room for me at the hotels in Newbury (about an hour west of Heathrow, London), so I stayed at a little, stylish B&B called the Carnarvon. From there I took a walk to the
parks and surroundings of Highclere Castle.

As I was about to come to a dead end, or actually a closed gate, I walked through high grass and through tracks most likely made by car/truck tyres. But I actually got really puzzled to see how the grass was laid in the tire tracks; curved and, yes, at some points swirled or circular!? How could such patterns in the grass possibly be made by tyres? I can't figure out a possible straightforward explanation myself; perhaps you can. And in one of the swirls, there was even some standing grass in the center of the swirl. Some mini-crop circles (about the diameter equal to the width of a tire track, ie. perhaps 20-25 cm)?

And, of course, I didn't bring a camera.



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