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IT’S ONLY NATURAL - 21/08/2003

Crop circles are mysteries of the natural world, says RICHARD W SYMONDS…

Having seen a circle drawing by design geometrist Allan Brown ("Shapely mystery of perfect circle", The Argus newspaper, June 21/22) I am now fully convinced that crop circles are not man-made - they are a mystery of the natural world, much like that of the snowflake.

When we can explain how the perfect snowflake is formed, then we can explain how the perfect crop circle is formed.

On a more metaphysical note, spiritual 'mandalas' (such as the beautiful rose-window designs which adorn churches and cathedrals) are very similar to both the snowflake and the crop circle.

Fascinatingly, there is a book by Bailey Cunningham entitled "Mandalas - Journey to the Centre".

The Truth is out there, and perhaps in here too. God knows.



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