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Two brand new crop circle-related books have just been published, written by Andy Thomas, editor of Swirled News…

Andy Thomas is the world's most prolific writer on crop circles, and author of VITAL SIGNS, described by many as the definitive guide to the crop circle mystery. These two new books are valuable additions to the shelves of anyone with an interest in cerealogical matters and beyond!

Read on for basic details, or go straight to for sample chapters and online ordering. Books can be ordered singly or both together for the special offer price of £15 / $24 (plus postage).


Views from the Crop Circle Frontline

£8.95 / $14.50, 176 pages, paperback, Vital Signs Publishing/S B Publications, ISBN 1-85770-272-7

A lively and sometimes controversial collection of pieces, SWIRLED HARVEST is a fascinating journey deep into the world of the circle mystery and its associated areas - as seen by those involved at the heart of it. The book explores this remarkable arena and its amazing findings, meets some of its colourful characters, recounts some notable events and records the thrills and disappointments of trying to wave a flag for the reality of something so often unfairly debunked by the outside world.

With a number of other related subjects discussed, and eight pages of colour photographs, this collection of pieces written over an eleven year period is a valuable glimpse into the crop circle culture and how those within it view the world outside, providing an informative, entertaining and important document of the ins and outs of researching the paranormal.

Among the many topics covered are: The most in-depth account of the Oliver's Castle crop circle video controversy yet published; ‘The X Files’; Astronomical crop formations; New Age festivals; Dowsing; Ministry of Agriculture tests on crop circles; Huge human figures carved in the Australian desert; crop circle conferences; A full account of the strange white dust found in a 2002 crop formation; Steven Spielberg's 'Close Encounters'; An examination of the media's treatment of the circle mystery; Atlantis fraudsters; Mel Gibson's 'Signs'... and much more!

"Andy's well-balanced approach is honest, forthright and, above all, entirely compelling"
- SIR LAURENCE GARDNER (from his foreword for the book)


The Power of Collective Thought and Signs of Our Times

£7.95 / $13.00, 144 pgs, paperback, Vital Signs Publishing/S B Publications, ISBN 1-85770-278-6

For almost a decade, Andy Thomas has been delivering lectures at the annual crop circle gathering, The Glastonbury Symposium. Famed for his lively and theatrical presentations, Andy has been exploring the huge power of collective thought and looking at the global and personal implications, often using the crop circle world as an example. A ONENESS OF MIND is based on edited transcripts from Andy's performances and makes up an astonishing and controversial volume covering many inspirational topics.

Experimental research increasingly suggests we are all part of one super-consciousness which has the ability to affect the material world. We live at a critical moment in human evolution, and understanding the power of collective thought could hold the key to a choice between paradise or chaos. Many things, from using positive thinking, not giving your power away and global conspiracy theory, to crop circles and avoiding Armageddon and World War Three, are discussed along the way!

A ONENESS OF MIND is a valuable and inspiring record of some extraordinary presentations, and essential reading for anyone with an interest in positively shaping the future of our world.

"Andy puts an exciting, witty case for the application of positive thought by all of us to influence the global decision-making process"
- HAMISH MILLER (from his foreword for the book)


Both books can be bought individually or together at the special price of £15 / $24 (plus postage) for the two.

For details, sample chapters and online ordering, go to


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