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The USA continues its ascendancy into fuller crop circle awareness as a Wisconsin farmer claims to have witnessed a crop formation appearing during a storm, as ANDY THOMAS reports…

There are around two dozen reported eye-witness sightings of crop circles appearing. Most of these, with a few exceptions (ie. Nancy Talbott’s 2001 sighting of tubes of light forming an ellipse and path in The Netherlands), have been in the UK.

Now we appear to have what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first US sighting. According to the US TV station The Milwaukee Channel, a local farmer at Mayville, Dodge County, Wisconsin reports watching crop circles appearing in his field during a thunderstorm.

The report includes the following quotes:


"The holes appeared and there it was, but you couldn't see what made it, but I seen it right when it happened," farm owner Arthur Rantala said.

From the safety of his work shed during a violent morning storm on the Fourth of July, he saw crop circles form:

"It looked like a lake. The waves, the wind blowing, and then all of the sudden this dark hole appears, like a black hole. And then immediately, one to the right, then another to the center of it," Rantala said.

"UFOs? Let them think what they do, but I saw this actually happen, so my eyes know what I seen. So I know it was Mother Nature and nobody else," Arthur Rantala said.

[ The full report, with a photo, appears at: ]


Three circles lie in the field, one a straight circle, another with a large standing crescent within it, and the third with a small standing circle.

Interestingly, given the storm connection, members of Southern Circular Research were recently called to investigate some lodged oats in Sussex, UK, which had gone down during a thunderstorm there, and were impressed to see how similar the swirled lay was to that found in geometric pictograms. A few years back, in amongst ‘lodging’ at Lockeridge, Wiltshire, I was surprised to see a perfect crop circle in amongst the randomly downed areas. BLT Research have also drawn attention to the similarity between biological changes found in crop from “non-geometric” lays to that found in ‘normal’ crop circles. This suggests there may be more of a link with electrical and weather activity than some are prepared to admit – connections with natural forces do not, however, necessarily reveal the trigger behind the mechanism which can create such complexity, nor rule out other forces being able to tap such a process for their own ends…



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