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RINGS AND THINGS - 03/07/2003

JAN KREGERS has an interpretation of the Hampshire linked rings formation...

Just read the interview about the new ‘figure eight’ (Privett, Hampshire, 20 April 2003) and the interview with Andy Thomas on Linda Moulton Howe's web site, and something else occurs to me about the formation. When I first looked at it, I immediately saw it as two interlinking rings with a piece left out of each, rather than as a 'figure eight' or infinity sign. It reminds me of the way that two intertwined wedding-bands are sometimes shown on wedding invitations or anniversary cards. Every time I look at the photo of the formation, I get the 'urge' to finish it by supplying the two missing segments that would complete the rings, and I have a sense that the formation is 'saying' that a link-up of some sort is imminent. The pieces that would complete the rings are small in relation to the rest of each ring, so it is almost like someone is saying, “See? It's almost time for...” or “Hey, are you ready for...” The incompleteness of the rings is highlighted, yes, but in such a way that it is very easy to see what the completed design would be. It also makes me wonder what might happen if we 'finished' the design by pushing down a thin arc of crop to complete each ring in 'reply' to the message? I think what I will do this Spring/Summer as I skywatch here in San Diego is send a mental picture of the two circles in 'completed' form, with both rings finished and linked together, as I just feel really strongly that this formation is asking for a response of some sort.

JAN KREGERS, San Diego, California


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