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A PLACE NOT TO STAY - 05/07/2003

DAVID HAITH agrees with the Swirled News review of ‘A Place To Stay’…

Hey, what a relief. Thought me and my mates were alone on the planet left with any discernment. Below is my own review!


I had a bad seat at the cinema in Devizes last night - it faced the screen! It's an old line but it fits my feeling perfectly. This was one of the worst films I've ever seen! The best part was the belly laughs I and my two companions had all the way home as we fell about recalling all the naff moments.

I was really looking forward to this movie. Peter Sorensen said it was 'superb', Matthew Williams 'great', Colin Andrews, Busty and Reg Presley promoted it glowingly (mind you, they were in it!), and croppie Kerry Blower even compared it to ‘Close Encounters’ and said she wanted to see it again and again!

Nearly everybody, I was told, at the London showing was crying when the credits came up. Frankly I wept with relief because it ended.

As far as we were concerned - (until now we thought we were pretty 'normal' people, a journo, a nurse and an architect) - this film was infantile, like a bad children's TV serial. The acting was pitiful, with stunted dialogue, the characters totally unbelievable and overdrawn and the crop circle connection almost non-existent with probably less than two minutes of them shown in the whole movie. The Milk Hill flyover shots - such a photo opportunity - you could miss if you fished down in your cinema popcorn for a few seconds.

The only 'place to stay' as far as we were concerned would have been - back home in front of the fire! Oh, the chocolate box photography and scenic effects were good, but that was mainly because the locations were so special.

I'm not at all surprised ‘Stay’ hasn't got general release despite being hawked round Cannes two years running. Over and above all this glowing talk up on the web, is there anybody else out there who agrees with us about this naff movie?

Could we just possibly have a 'king's new clothes' situation here? I await responses with interest...



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