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EARTH SIGNS - 03/07/2003

DOUG ROBERTS asks about the ‘Missing Earth’ formation of 1995...

I have a question about the ‘asteroid’ crop circle that appeared in 1995, the one with Earth missing in its orbit [Longwood Warren, Hampshire]. This seems to be a crop circle depicting our solar system, the inner planets, and the asteroid belt. Given the genius at work behind the circles, I have to assume the placement of the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are deliberate.

If they are deliberate in their placement, this means that this circle depicts a certain time, either in the future or the past when these planets were - or will be - in this exact alignment.

By extension, once one knew that, one could also figure out where the earth is and even the position of the moon. So, it's more than a crop circle, it's also a cosmic puzzle. Has anyone ever attempted to ascertain ‘what time it is’ according to the crop circle?



There has been a lot of interpretive work on this formation. The translation considered most definitive is that of astronomer Jack Sullivan, whose work on the 1994 ‘galaxy’ designs also created quite a stir. Another ‘asteroid’ formation predicts a date due this autumn – we’ll be running an article about this very soon.

It’s too long to go into here – if you’ll excuse the cheap plug, it’s worth reading my own (Andy Thomas’s) book ‘Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery’, which covers the astronomical interpretations on all these formations in some detail. It’s published by Frog Ltd in the US and available through bookshops or The UK version is published by S B Publications in the UK, and also available through bookshops, etc. The book’s official UK website can be found at - Ed


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