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Some last thoughts on the Crabwood alien & disc formation. Unless anyone has some truly terrific and new ideas about it, we are now going to consider correspondence on this formation closed for the time being!

I'm surprised nobody saw the obvious message in the Crabwood circle, "Beware the bearers of false gifts… we oppose deception". This refers to the deal the US government made with the Greys over 50 years ago; now they are getting screwed over by them. They were supposed to get technology from the aliens for military purposes in return for letting them mutilate a few cattle and abduct a few humans. Now they can't get rid of them.



Just as the circlemakers do not attempt to validate or document the sources of their communications, I will not make any attempt to back up what I am here to say at this time either. I will speak directly to that part of each viewer that knows directly without the need for analysis.

The meaning of the crop circles does not need to be analyzed. Ultimately there is no mystery whatsoever to their purpose, their message, or their creation. All the attempts to describe this essence are futile at best. At worst they are an attempt to deny the knowledge that each person is inherently able to derive from a simple awareness of the phenomenon's occurrence, so as to claim ignorance like a child trying to evoke pity from a parent after doing exactly what they were told not to do.

The "acknowledgement" sought after in the Winchester disc message is an unforced admission of wrongdoing, without which there can be no reconciliation. So, who is it that is being wronged and deceived? It is yourselves, and especially your posterity. What can be done? Ultimately, you all already know the answer to that question as well.

The circles will disappear at some point, probably sooner rather than later. It may happen suddenly or gradually but it will happen. There will be a period of silence; a calm. Few will notice it. Then...

This is not to disparage the role you play here in this universe. Nothing ever goes to waste in the grand scheme. But there will be much pain, and from this your souls will learn much and much good will come of it all, as this is the way of the living universe.

Since this statement may be the last thing that some croppies want to hear, I will keep my name anonymous, though I doubt anyone will be able to seriously contest my understanding. I would expect a few ad hominem attacks to be the only recourse, so I will spare myself the annoyance and withhold my name.

With gratitude and humility.



The Crabwood formation of 2002 has activated the neural cortex of many people, for the circle makers switched to glyphs that are very much familiar to us: English words. Since the meaning of the message remains a mystery, some people focus on the capitalized words of the message in an attempt to decipher a hidden message in those words. However, words like 'OPpose' and 'COnduit', which are included in the Crabwood message, may prompt us to consider highlighting (upper-case) a word within a word according to the circumstances.

Since we know that the first attempt in 1991 to topple Hussein's regime in Iraq failed due to politicking on the part of the Bush Administration back in February 1991, the second attempt led by George W. Bush, the son of George Bush, creates a circumstance where a 'hidden' word in 'Baghdad' can be highlighted:

baghdad => baghDAD

This highlighting only makes sense when followed by additional words to clarify the meaning of last three letters being capitalized:

baghDAD,I'M IN THE TOWN AND SADDAM IS A HISTORY (email from the president to his father, former president George Bush)

The above is just a funny coincidence that the circle makers see and want to share with us. That's why the Crabwood message starts with the word 'Beware':

IF beware => beWARe THEN baghdad => baghDAD

The aliens are delighted by English words like FUNeral and so on.

There is actually a hidden message in those capitalized words that Eltjo Haselhoff and others tried to retrieve using anagrams. But the method for the retrieval is completely different - it's not an anagram.



That alien face crop circle is the end of any shred of credibility and any sense of wonder that the crop circles generated. It is such a cheap gimmick it comes across as the advertisement for the movie ‘Signs’ that it may very well be. Prior to that cheap stupid gimmick the crop circles were artistic and inspired a sense of wonder and were seemingly spiritual in nature. I never believed they were anything but man-made, but I always wanted to know: Who? How? Why? But, I bet it is easier than it looks. If the idiots who thought that cheap leading gimmicky ploy was a good idea can do it and do it well, I am far less impressed with the whole undertaking. Those Morons don't even understand how stupid it was to allegedly ‘provocatively’ attempt to end the debate as to the "If not man who or what created them?" question. That question was essential to interest in the circles in the first place, and the dumb-ass alien theory had anyone who wanted to believe it on the hook already without resorting to such juvenile and leading measures. It is a wholesale betrayal of the form, turning what was a seemingly spiritually motivated artistic endeavour that inspired curiosity and wonder into a cheap tourist campaign that will destroy interest in the very tourism it was trying to drum up.



Some might disagree with these points..! - Ed


The August 2002 swirl is a little too "unmysterious"... the one with the alien and disk. Doesn't this ‘crop circle’ indicate that these things are being created by man, using satellites or other devices? Aren't we overlooking the obvious?



I was going through your site today when I noticed the picture of Winchester, Hampshire, August 2002; has anyone looked into the possibility that the round disk shape next to the face is actually an "Image" of a Compact disk broken into bits and bytes? Just curious. Any thoughts???



All such answers can be found in our original news coverage of the formation (see Autumn 2002 archives) and in past Feedback… As we say above, we would like to ask for no further correspondence on the alien and disc formation for a while, as we seem now to be going round in the proverbial circles… - Ed

Crabwood, Hampshire, August 2002 (Photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)
Crabwood, Hampshire, August 2002 (Photo: STEVE ALEXANDER)


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