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SHORT CUTS - 04/07/2003

A series of shorter communications Swirled News has received recently…

I was watching a TV show this night with Nancy Talbott. I wanted to share a thought for possible investigation. Has anyone checked to see if the genetic make-up of the wheat has been altered? Maybe whatever is creating this could be offering us a new type of crop to help feed the world’s populations? Or maybe you folks already thought of this.



Check out for this type of matter! - Ed


Hi, I'm a relative newcomer to/aficionado of the crop circles phenomenon. Being an amateur mandala maker (coloured pencils on paper) and sacred geometry novice, I was wondering if anyone was aware of any sketch books, colouring books, workbooks, calendars, etc. featuring these amazing designs?

Thanks for any help/info you might be able to provide.



There are loads of crop circle calendars around each year, but not colouring books, etc., to our knowledge – anyone out there know differently? - Ed


I am a crop circle "devotee" from the US. I recently mailed a circle image postcard to an acquaintance who wrote back to suggest I look into a possible link to satellites and the people responsible for guiding and monitoring them. She said she worked at a NASA facility for a while and said "those people think they are gods." Are you aware of any research that's been done in that regard, such as checking what satellites are over the sites at the time the circles appear, and trying to link them to a single entity which might somehow be using them to transmit energy of some type?

Not that I pretend to have an answer. I love the designs and the mysteries involved. I would be disappointed to find that it is some cyber junkies in Palo Alto doing it, and who can show how it can be done rather easily, but that wouldn't detract from the marvellousness of their accomplishment.

MICHAEL MELIUS, Hermosa, South Dakota, USA

I became very interested in crop circles only in the last two years and am interested to get a hold of some data. I want to correlate data on date/time and location of crop-circle formation in relation to Earth’s position in space. To see if there is a relationship between their formation and a line of sight from space. If someone has already done this I would love to see what they came up with. Can you help me?



Anyone out there want to help with these two? We’ll pass on any e-mails – Ed


Dear Folks, just a note to say how much I like to read your web site beginning to end! May we never run out of mysteries!! May we solve some of them!!

I have very mysterious true stories to tell, but they aren't about crop circles! The best one is my waking suddenly at three in the morning to find my entire bedroom full of golden swirling little lights, sort of like the dust in a beam of sunlight, only these were all golden. They stayed for about twenty minutes and then faded away. I think I must have been blessed good and proper, for that is how I felt about it all.

I have never felt afraid or worried about anything since then. Nothing is out of place, no matter what the appearance.

Please have a good summer.

PHYLLIS, Sacramento, California


Thanks for your great website and all the work you do. What I would like to know is how much research is being done into the effect of eating the modified crops. Could it be the changes in the DNA structure that are the important aspect of all this? Maybe it's a Trojan Horse. Most of the circles are in grain crops, human's staple foods; what better way to access our bodies? Hopefully to our benefit. Without the interesting and obviously intelligent designs, the farmers would be reluctant to harvest the "damaged" crop. I think it's interesting to note how often references are made to DNA - could the technicians be giving us a hint?

ROD HINDS, Australia


Yesterday I visited the Windmill Hill formation which was reported on 7th June 2003, and found some keys in one of the little circles. There are three keys and a magnetic holder together with a plastic tab saying 'Light Up Your Life', with a leaf logo all attached to a Motorola neckband. They are now at Devizes Police Station.



I saw the show about crop circles on ‘The Learning Channel’ and I was curious to see if anyone has put the continents back into the formation of Pangaea to see what relativity it has to the location of the circles?



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