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CAM CIRCLES - 01/07/2003

A crop circle ‘You’ve Been Framed’? JANET suggests an experiment with camcorders and websites…

I've just been wandering around a website that has camcorders posted everywhere... dairy cow milking barns, corn-growing fields, lighthouses, even haunted buildings! So I was wondering if there would be a way someone could put some live cams in some of the more prolific fields, then post the links on your website? With the haunted building website, they have a place for people to write in saying if they saw something and also saying if they didn't. They have sightings broken down by month, day and even time of day. Even though the crop circles form in only a few seconds, maybe enough people would be watching before (during?) and after the formation to be able to pin down the exact time and maybe even see something on camera? The ability for the viewer to copy and save the picture would be needed for back-up/proof unless you could save and review each night's video. Since they do form so fast, maybe a refresh rate of 15-30 seconds wouldn't be unreasonable. And since they mainly form at night (?), the cameras would almost have to be infra-red I guess, which I suppose are more expensive. But they form during they day too, don't they? And if the balls of light accompany them at night, then even a regular camcorder should be sufficient to catch those lights, especially if it's one that can film in very dim light. On the other hand, if they don't wanna be seen, then you could have a camera in every field in England and you'd never see a thing, right?

I'm just rambling so I'll shut up now!

Keep up the great work.

JANET, S. Tallahassee, FL, USA


Anyone out there interested in trying to set something like this up? - Ed


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