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BROUGHT TO BOOK - 01/07/2003

Crop circle novelist PETER T GARRATT seeks publisher...

I am wondering if 'Feedback' is an appropriate place to ask if any of your readers know of a publisher (small, if necessary, but not vanity) who might be interested in publishing a novel about crop circles?

An SF press was interested, but now seems to be going out of business. The story concerns a psychologist who is asked to investigate the death of a pilot in an accident which shouldn't have happened. He discovers that the pilot was obsessed with crop circles... They are integral to the story, and I think used much better than in 'Signs'. The story is cast as a crime-type mystery, but includes SF elements, and a lot of conventional presses won't touch it because it is 'cross-over'. They assume the public like to know how a mystery will turn out from the shelf they buy it from.

I am not an amateur writer, having sold stories to leading SF magazines, including 'Interzone' and 'Asimovs', and a lot of 'large-press' anthologies.

If anyone can help, my email address is:



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