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GERALD HAWKINS - 18/06/2003

The mathematician and astronomer Gerald Hawkins, famed in the crop circle world for his work on diatonic ratios in formations, has died, aged 75…

On May 26, the sad news arrived that Professor Gerald Hawkins passed away unexpectedly while indulging in his favourite pastime, flying remote-controlled model aeroplanes near his home at Hawkridge, USA. He suffered a heart attack and was still clutching the control handset when he was found.

In the cerealogical forum, Professor Hawkins was best known for his work on identifying the presence of the ‘diatonic ratio’ in various crop circle designs, a mathematical scale which conforms to the white notes of a piano. He derived great interest from investigating a number of mathematical qualities contained in what he saw as a significant phenomenon.

Notes doing the rounds at the moment state the following:

“Gerald S. Hawkins earned a Ph D in radio astronomy with Sir Bernard Lovell at Jodrell Bank, England, and a D Sc for astronomical research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Observatories. His undergraduate degrees were in physics and mathematics from London University. Hawkins’ discovery that Stonehenge was built by Neolithic people to mark the rising and setting of the sun and moon over an 18.6-year cycle stimulated the new field of archaeoastronomy. He was an author of several books, including ‘Stonehenge Decoded’, ‘Beyond Stonehenge’ and ‘Ancient Lines in the Peruvian Desert’.”

He will be sadly missed by friends family and the scientific world.



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