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A note from Swirled News regarding recent correspondence on the war in Iraq…

Just a note to say we have received a lot of communications, mostly very positive and supportive, regarding the space we have given to information about anti-war protests and the like.

A few correspondents have voiced concern, however, that we have become involved in politics, and that our anti-war stance is wrong, one communication even describing our expressions as “reprehensible”!

Our position is that Swirled News is a no-charge, voluntary website run by private individuals, and we reserve the right to express our opinions on any subject we wish. No-one is obliged to visit our site or expected to agree with all our viewpoints. When we at SN all feel so strongly about a particular situation, whether circle-related or, as in this case, not, we will occasionally use our little conduit to do what we see as some good.

That said, we respect the fact that we are ostensibly a crop circle website, and with this in mind, we have decided not to cover any further correspondence about the current appalling situation in Iraq for the time being. We have made our feelings clear, and there are now more than enough Internet forums out there which cover all angles and opinions on this.

Thank you, however, to all those who expressed their feelings on the matter.



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