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REMOTE CONTROL - 07/04/2003

DALE SELLERS tells of adventures with crop circles and remote viewing…

Thought you guys might find this interesting. We did an experiment recently and I find the results very intriguing. We have a free remote viewing exercise on our website (anyone can participate). We posted a picture of a crop circle as a target (a friend of mine sent it to me). The only thing that the participants knew about the target before they got to see their results, was that it was an event somewhere in time and space (not a whole lot to go on!). So, in other words, the information you see isn’t coming from their reasoning (for the most part); it’s coming from their intuition (collective consciousness).

Take a look at the similarities in the results of the different participants, by looking at our website. Does anyone have any ideas about the “metallic” or “burnt” references? See:

If you look at some of the other results for the other exercises, you won't see any mention of burnt, metallic or metal, anywhere. See:



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