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DOWN AT HEAL - 04/04/2003

KIM offers some ideas about crop circles and global healing...

Since reintroducing myself to the study of crop circles through books, videos and my own intuition, I have found your wonderful Swirled News site! Thank you for doing what you are doing… You are supported by others, probably more than you know. It seems like we all need that support during these challenging times of conflict and negativity. I would like to share one thing that I am doing.

It seems there are many crop circles that are specifically related to healing. I have made copies of some of them and have placed a tiny globe on top of the circle. A picture of Iraq, the US, etc. That way, the energy of the symbol can affect the earth and what is occurring. Is anyone else doing this and are there specific crop circles that you have found better suited to this type of work? I would appreciate any insight or input anyone may have. Thank you.



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