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JOSIAH CARLSON offers further comments on deciphering the Crabwood Ďalien and discí...

After reading a pair of Swirled News articles on the ET face and disc crop circles, I thought I would give a few words.

First off, I'm not a cryptographer. I'm just a guy. But I do know that the difference between capital and lowercase letters in binary is a single bit. That is, if you XOR (exclusive or) any lowercase or uppercase letter in ascii with 00100000, you will change the case of the letter. It is a possiblity that a few of the letters could have been misread, or mis-entered, whether it be deliberately or accidental.

As for the interpretation of the words on the disk, who am I to say what is a proper or improper interpretation? Like I said, I'm just a guy. But it is my thought that the lowercase 'v' may be a capitalization mistake, along with the 'OP'. However, the capitals may be an anagram for another message.

As there are a large number of capital letters, the anagram generating software I'm using is having a few problems trying to find one (this also ignores the fact that a capitalization error, which is quite easy, also changes the possible words. Of course, there's also the possibility that there is even more subtle message hiding going on, which the 'cryptographer' hasn't even suggested that he's tried yet.

In any case, mayhaps the authors, and maybe the site proprietors, should take a short nip out of the skepticism glass. I know I would very much enjoy meeting ET, but like believing in God, there's a whole lot of heresay going on, a lot of interpretation, and not any hard facts, just opinion. That is of course mine, but hey, it works for me.



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