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BALL IN A CHINA SHOP - 04/04/2003

Does anyone remember the title of a book about light balls in China asks GENE TURETSKY..?

I recall reading a book written by the guy who wrote the popular version of the I-Ching, John Blofeld I forgot which book it was. He told of his early trips to China, and one journey in particular where, with some Taoist sect, they climbed a mountain famous for the presence of balls of light floating, virtually every night.

I wondered if this place is known to any of the croppies or crop circle researchers. As it is in mainland China, I would not be surprised if it is "off limits" for contemporary travellers, but thought I would bring it up, now that such balls of light are being linked to crop circle phenomena. I would be curious to know if anyone remembers which book it was in, or where the site was.

GENE TURETSKY, Albuquerque, New Mexico


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