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After last autumn’s unexpected demise of the highly successful crop circle-themed café at Calne, Wiltshire, some good news – the café is reopening under new management! Details follow…

Some very positive news to start the 2003 crop circle season! There were many sad faces when ‘The Silent Circle’ café, which had fed and watered so many intrepid circle-hunters last year had to close its doors due to personal reasons. However, it is now being resurrected, with new staff and the new simplified name of ‘The Crop Circle Café’.

A press release has been issued, which reads:


The Crop Circle Café will be reopening for business in the second half of April.

It will be run by Louise Bernard who - apart from being fascinated by the circles - has several years experience in catering and restaurant management.

The same facilities will be available, but it is Louise’s intention to widen the range of healthy and high-quality food on offer, whether meals or simply coffee and cakes. The opening hours will be extended from 8:00am to about 9:00pm. Breakfast will be served until 2:00pm and there will be a choice of supper menus in the evening featuring mainly vegetarian and vegan selections.

Charles and Frances Mallett’s provision of a comfortable meeting place and information centre for the crop circle community will be maintained. As last year, the café will have an Internet connection and photographs, videos and other merchandise will be on sale.

The building has been redecorated in time for the coming season. The re-fit is only the first phase of a long-term plan of development and improvement

Crop Circle Café (on the A4)
Labour-in-Vain Hill

Phone: 01249 814037


The atmosphere at the café last year was wonderful, and made a refreshing change from the some of the staleness (and indeed debunker infiltration) which had crept into some of the old croppie meeting places. Swirled News highly recommends all Wiltshire-visiting cerealogical enthusiasts pop into the new café at least once during their stay. It is highly likely to be more than once, however…

We wish the revamped Crop Circle Café a happy and successful future.

The Crop Circle Cafe in its old guise (photo: KAREN DOUGLAS)
The Crop Circle Cafe in its old guise (photo: KAREN DOUGLAS)


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