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The latest entry in Michael Glickman’s lecture video series has recently been released. TANIA WOODWARD sits down for a watch…

Described variously as a naughty school boy, a geometer and one of the best crop circle researchers we’ve ever had, Michael Glickman delivers this, the latest in a series of videos, with the long title of ‘The Crop Circle Lectures 8: Milk Hill and The Face, Transformation & Abundance’ - by and large his lecture at the July 2002 Glastonbury Symposium, with a few added bits.

In Michael’s truly original style, looking like he’s just finishing reading the Sunday papers after returning from a very late night at the Opera, he leads the viewer through some of the 2001 formations, illustrating and demonstrating the real messages in the fields.

His widely-known contention that we are in the middle of a shift from the Third to the Fifth Dimension is reinforced with reference to a series of characteristics that appear to be playing a part in almost everyone’s life. These include the speeding up of time, the increase in seemingly inexplicable events, increased synchronicities and co-incidences, premonitions and intuitions, the personal availability of healing and the ability to heal, the rapid snapping back of the karmic elastic band, the co-existence of dualities and multiple truths, and the overwhelming response of the Universe to give to us what we ask for; what we put out we get back. Events which are destroying our current worldview are also offering us the opportunity for a new view of reality.

The appearance and significance of the convex equilateral triangle as a shape repeated in numerous formations is discussed. Its similarity to the shape of the human heart is suggested and its usefulness demonstrated.

Michael then goes on to talk about the idea of the fractal. Using examples from many of the 2001 formations, he illustrates how, at the fourth level of fractal progression, the fractal very often changes form. This follows the channelled being Bashar’s fourth absolute law, that “everything changes”. The crop circle fractal phenomenon also shows us how the perimeter (or linear form) of the fractal is theoretically infinite, whilst at the same time the actual form does not extend much beyond the original perimeter, demonstrating that “everything is everything, everything contains everything and everything is a part of everything”.

The significance of the ring and the philosophical question surrounding the thickness of the geometer’s line is shared. In discussing the fractal order of one of the 2001 Windmill Hill formations, Michael suggests that what we are seeing through our small, restricted tear in the veil between dimensions is just a glimpse of the whole of the crop circle, spiking through from the Fifth Dimension.

With stunning footage of the 2001 Milk Hill formation, the significance of the number 13 – “transformation” - is outlined. Several other formations are discussed, including the magnificent Stonehenge “ribbon” (4 July 2002). The grace and ease with which this formation was placed is likened to putting an “oil tanker in the centre of Trafalgar square”.

Seen as “the most significant event on planet earth for millennia”, the Chilbolton “face” formation of 2001 is described as a deeply meaningful, even affectionate communication, which resonates deeply within humanity. The half-tone form of The Face is examined to reveal the metaphorical message in this communication; that reality only exists where pure light and pure dark merge together to form an image.

After a brief look at the quality and form of messages we send out into space, Michael concludes his wide-ranging lecture with a look at the 2002 Alton Barnes ‘Apple Tree’ formation and its theme of abundance.

Interspersed throughout the video is additional footage, and time out is taken to acknowledge some of the newer, lesser-known researchers whose work is invaluable in the field of crop circle investigation.

Once again, Michael gives us a glimpse beyond the veil of third dimension material reality, and inspires us to see and think ‘outside of the box’. I think the karmic elastic band of reward should be pinging very soon!


‘The Crop Circle Lectures 8: Milk Hill and The Face, Transformation & Abundance’: £15 plus £1.50 p&p (UK) / £2.00 p&p (overseas). Or order in dollars at $27 (including p&p). Cheques payable to ‘Crop Circle Reality!’ Available in PAL or NTSC format – PLEASE CLEARLY STATE YOUR PREFERENCE WHEN ORDERING.

Order from:

Crop Circle Reality!, PO Box 1188, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 3WF, UK



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