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A new computer game – ‘Cropped Out’ - features crop circles and aliens in a “fast-paced arcade action puzzle where players do battle with alien technologies”. Uh oh…

Those computer-gamers amongst you out there may be interested in the recent press release we got sent about a new game which, presumably cashing in on the ‘Signs’ bonanza, somehow uses crop circles as part of its theme.

We’d welcome a review from anyone out there who has tried this. We haven’t got around to obtaining or playing it yet, as we’ve had to wash our hair this month, but here’s the blurb for those interested…


CLICKGAMER (UK) announces the release of ‘Cropped Out’ for the Pocket PC Platform.

After six months of development, Cropped Out is scheduled for immediate worldwide release. Initially for Pocket PC, with Palm versions to follow in early 2003.

"We're very excited about the release of Cropped Out - the first in a series of high quality titles for mobile platforms", stated Chris Byatte, Clickgamer co-director. "We are confident that Clickgamer will become synonymous with great software."

Cropped Out is an addictive fast-paced arcade action puzzle where players do battle with alien technologies. Featuring fluid graphics, dynamic sound and incredible particle effects, Cropped Out is a blistering assault on the senses.

Cropped Out is available now from, retail $14.95

For further information on Clickgamer Technologies Ltd, contact Sales Support: Tel:

+44 (0)7801 031 991


If anyone wants to give this a go, we’ll look forward to hearing how you get on…


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