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ON THE TRAIL - 08/01/2003

DOUG ROGERS reports on the aerial contrails conundrum and its relevance to crop circles…

Straight line in the wheat
Curved line in the sky
When you see one… or both
Trust in your eye

Such lines as these will mean nothing to those unfamiliar with the recent crop circle season, nor with the world news of late November 2002. They might, however, bring a smile to some who know of the narrow lines within the Knoll Down and Windmill Hill crop designs of July 2002. And the curved line in the sky, seen on November 27th, will be known to those who have read about the NORAD interceptor launchings shortly after sightings of the line.

What’s the connection? For many years some entity, presumed to be a visitor from off planet, has been trying to attract our attention, not with noise or some odor in the air, but through our eyes. The crop circles arrive quietly, unannounced, appearing in the morning grain fields to those who have their eyes wide open. The designs are there for all the world to see. High in the sky, where all aircraft are supposed to be under control, the source of a ‘contrail’ should be known to ground personnel, either military or civilian. When a white line appears at great altitude in a clear sky, seen by all who raise their eyes, someone, somewhere, should know exactly what aircraft is drawing that line. When no-one on Earth, however, knows who is drawing designs on the ground, or lines in the sky, the situation becomes tense, and certain elements of our society react very strangely.

It is no secret that the ground markings known as crop circles have some agency of government, or of the private sector, quite upset. The effort currently being expended by one or the other to downgrade public interest in these unexplained markings is considerable. As has been pointed out recently, however, the disinformation campaign, in its overzealous attempt at diversion, may have ‘run amok’. Many more people than ever before, today, know at least something about the clever and intricate ground markings.

What can be done, however, about these white trails in the sky? If no-one knows who or what makes the white lines, how are they to be explained away? Consider the most recent high altitude display… On November 27th, a so-called contrail appeared high in the sky above islands in the Caribbean, arriving on a northwestern heading from out over the Atlantic Ocean. The ‘contrail’ continued toward Florida while the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) tried through its communications system to identify the source of the high line in the sky. No military organization claimed the aircraft that might have been responsible, and no commercial airline knew what was up there. The line continued, covering two thirds of the latitude of the US as it turned northward toward Indiana, whereupon it was lost to sight. Lost to sight! As we read the reports of this encroachment on American air space, there is no mention of a radar return from the source of, or the creator of, the white line. As we understand it, several NORAD aircraft were launched along the route of the line, each instructed to discover and identify the source of the ‘contrail’. None, we are told, was successful.

None of the above should be construed as criticism of NORAD. The pilots who have been ordered to close in on elusive targets in the sky are no more responsible for their failures than those of us who cannot identify the designers and creators of complex crop formations found annually at ground level. Our eyes see the results of an effort, by some entity, to pass along a message. We, in turn, do our best to interpret that message, though we are having our problems. With the turn to the 21st century, there have been indications that a clearer communication, written on the ground, may be presented to us in the near future. For NORAD, the message is rather clear, right now. The skies over all our planet belong to our visitors. There is no point in chasing after their vehicles; they are here, and the thousands of technicians, radar operators, air traffic controllers and aircraft crews must know of their presence as fact. Why, then, all the fuss? Why this obvious governmental reluctance to admit to the truth? Why is it not common public knowledge that we have company? And why, if many citizens of planet Earth trust their eyes to tell them that we are not alone in the Universe, doesn’t some world leader speak up? Whose voice will it be?



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