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THE OREGON TRAIL - 04/01/2003

JAMES COOK recounts a strange sighting…

A couple of years has passed since I was driving my son to my house through Beaverton, Oregon, USA for a school vacation, when I witnessed a small circle of greenish light fall through the sky and slowly fade as it neared the ground. Shortly thereafter I heard of a crop circle that had been discovered in the vicinity. This is not the first time I had seen such an orb, and likely will not be the last. A programme aired on cable TV this evening and rekindled my interest in this occurrence. I would very much like to work in the field for the good of all the people and my own curiosity to understand. Let me know if I can assist my knowledge to your research in any way. This subject I find very intriguing and is one that will interest me through all of my days.



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