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BEAM ME DOWN, CROPPIE… - 06/01/2003

Could crop circles be formed by laser beams, asks VALEZ...?

After examining the literature that has been produced relevant to the crop circle phenomenon. I have come to this conclusion:

I believe that there are beings more technologically advanced or of higher intelligence creating the crop circles. I say that they are more advanced only because they seem to be doing this from some advanced means of transportation. We have the technology to produce the same results from our present hovering craft.

I think that they are using a powerful laser or other energy beam that results in the light phenomena observed. The beam is swept over the crops in a predetermined pattern at the correct speed so that when it encounters the parts of the plant where there is more moisture, such as at the nodes of the stem, it transfers enough energy to boil the water and expand or burst the node, causing the plant to bend over.

As in a laser light show, there is the rapid and precise direction of the beam by means of a mirror, whose motion is controlled by a computer with the patterns preloaded into it.

The direction of the lay of the stems is determined by the direction that the beam approaches the plant. The moving beam hits one side of the node first. This side gets heated first and the expansion of the node causes the plant to bend in the same direction that the beam is travelling. The plant is forced down between still standing stems, as the beam has not yet reached those plants. The subsequent falling stems actually fall on top of the previously fallen stems, giving the effect that they are almost woven together. Remember that the images we see on our television sets are the result of a single beam of electrons directed to rapidly scan the face of the picture tube.

It is a simple thing to produce any imaginable pattern on the computer. We witness the precision and speed of the laser beam in the laser printer and its heating ability in laser surgery and in industrial uses. Laser-produced bas relief carvings in wood of the most delicate precision are on sale in stores.

Does somebody out there have a powerful laser they can try this with?



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