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MAYAN ANON - 07/01/2003

ANONYMOUS comments on the alien face...

I would like to present this to you if I may: this fantastic design is splendid and, of course, still represents the precession of the equinoxes. However, to prove my point, that is to further elaborate, I want you to look at the Mayan sarcophagus depicting the ‘spaceman in a spaceship’ (according to Erich von Daniken); this apparently depicts the sacred tree, showing two lines (one line represents the milky way galactic and the other line represents the ecliptic). When transferring the lid design onto the crop circle formation, the general shape the face is encased in is the sarcophagus lid, the face is the space man and the crossing of the two lines appears in the circle, thus representing the sacred tree as the precession of the equinoxes. This is what I mean - maybe it would be better if I could show this explanation on paper, but this is the best I can explain this. Thank you for reading!



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