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TEAMED SATAN - 08/01/2003

MARTHA KELTZ sees dark forces behind the crop circles...

I am again perhaps risking considerable unpopularity with my comments below on the source of the crop circles:

How can so many of you be so gullible (unless consciously part of the OTHER side)? Occult students working with etheric forces and geometric formations can create the crop circles and all ‘magical’ and psychic phenomena associated with them. It's no more than white or black magic or occult arts and psychic phenomena. Meantime, Ahriman (Satan) is, through all of this, invited into many of these circles, in preparation for his upcoming incarnation, very probably scheduled between 2012 (when the body into which Satan incarnates will be 12 years old) and 2033 (note the similarity with the year 1933). Enter the name "Ahriman" on any internet search engine to learn more.

There is nothing ‘alien’ to the evolution of humanity in the universe. Humanity and our beautiful blue planet Earth is the seed for an entirely new universe. The only thing "alien" and opposed to the correct evolution of humanity issues out of ‘Satan’ and demonology and the quest to create the "eighth sphere." Sorry to disappoint anyone, but it's the great Biblical message, still relevant today, exoteric and esoteric.

The ‘ordinary’ church-going Christian can identify the sources behind aliens and the crop circle phenomena in less than five seconds.

There could be good and beneficent aliens; there are good and beneficent elementals. If so, they've got to be laughing up their sleeves at many of you.


Well, everyone’s entitled to an opinion… However, we resent the inference that if we are not gullible then we are actively working for the ‘other side’!!! That’s hurtful - and wrong.


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