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HAARPING ON - 08/01/2003

BARBARA thinks the US HAARP project has something to do with crop circles...

After reading the book ‘Angels Don't Play This HAARP’, it is my considered opinion that the recent crop circles have come to us courtesy of HAARP. I realise that simple circular circles have been around for centuries, but when you find a picture of ET holding a disc, a minore, a spirograph gone mad, etc., I think someone is having a joke on us.

The darting lights are another give-a-way. When running tests on HAARP these same ‘mysterious’ lights appear. I really wish these circles were being made by aliens; our situation here on planet Earth is so dire that a more evolved race might be able to come down and change things for the better. They would have to be evil incarnate to change them for the worse.

We are surrounded by smoke and mirrors from every direction, inviting our attention to anything but what is happening right under our collective nose. We would do better at this time to stop gazing down at the contrived "wonders" of crop circles and look UP, for even NASA knows what is headed our way and should arrive by spring of next year. They don't want the sheep to stampede, so we are treated to every kind of diversion from a ‘War on Terror’, to a war on Iraq.

I could be wrong, it wouldn't be the first time, but I don't think so this time.



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