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The crop circle guide book ‘Vital Signs’, by Swirled News editor Andy Thomas, is now widely available in a specific edition across America and Canada…

Obviously, this cannot help but come across as a cheap puff piece, but we’d be failing in our duty not to tell you the following…

The book ‘Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why it is NOT a Hoax’, by Andy Thomas, described by many as the definitive guide to the phenomenon, is now widely available to buy across the continent of North America in a new redesigned US version.

The book is the ultimate guide to crop circles for newcomers and an essential summary for those already entranced, including the most complete chronological account of the crop circle mystery available. What are crop circles? Where and when do they appear? What could be making them? What strange effects surround them? What do they mean?

Illustrated with over 260 stunning colour and black and white photographs, this is an essential acquisition for anyone interested in knowing more about this remarkable phenomenon.

Though, text-wise, this latest version is the same book as the UK version (available through, the US edition is physically larger (258mm x 213mm), is laid out differently with larger print and has been respelled into American English!

The US book, published by Frog Ltd (a division of North Atlantic Books) is paperback and 192 pages long, ISBN 1-58394-069-3.

Those US and Canadian readers daunted by the postage involved in ordering the UK version can now buy or order the book through any local bookshop or order via credit card through or the publisher’s official website at:


"One of the best books on crop circles to emerge in years... Highly recommended" - UFO MAGAZINE (UK)

"By far the most complete and thorough survey of the crop circle phenomenon which has so far appeared" - NEW VIEW

"One of the definitive reference books for the crop circle phenomenon" - KINDRED SPIRIT

"Magnificently illustrated... An enjoyable, informative read... Not to be missed" - NEW HUMANITY

"Loads of incredible info" - NEWS OF THE WORLD

"A superb introduction to the subject" - PREDICTION

"This book tells you everything you need to know" - NEXUS MAGAZINE

"A quite superb book" - THE CIRCULAR

"Considered by many to be the 'Crop Circle Bible', ‘Vital Signs’ could replace all my other crop circle books" - DR ELTJO HASELHOFF, author of ‘The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles’.


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