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At last, we have the English version of Jay Goldner’s originally German book ‘Messages From Space’, which looks deeply into the ‘faces’ and ‘code’ crop formations of recent years. MARTIN NOAKES gives his view and gives news of a proposed collective meditation to send greetings to the circlemakers…

What a bold statement; crop circles are “messages from space”. Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. I feel confident that this book demonstrates evidence of an extraordinary nature. It takes the reader page by page logically and methodically, through to the conclusion, whereby a state of denial would be required in order to refute the possibility that ETs could, and indeed may well be, a realistic solution to the crop circle mystery. The illustrations and photographs are first class and I have no doubt that this book marks an important milestone in our evolving relationship with the circle makers.

Jay has found very interesting ‘hidden’ geometry within all of the Chilbolton formations from recent years that links them together, and there’s a connection to the 2002 Crabwood face/disk!

The painstaking research that has gone into this book is evident. An example of this is the detailed explanation of the “Arecibo reply”, and a beautifully demonstrated selection of images which show the Chilbolton 2000 ‘butterfly’ formation, gradually ‘morphing’ into the 2001 transmitter section of the Arecibo reply, by using a gradual mosaic pixellation process. There’s no doubt in my mind now that the original formation was meant to be a detailed diagram of the ‘transmitter’ section of the reply which would follow the year after, and that the schematic representation within the 2001 follow-up is in fact a panellised version of the original - very clever indeed! Added to that, two pixels were deliberately left out at the bottom of the schematic in order to leave room and not interfere with the antenna’s size data. Attention to detail or what?!

Due to the evidence within some crop formations, Jay proposes that the creators of at least some of the glyphs originate from around Jupiter, possibly Europa, which is favoured by NASA scientists as a potentially life-supporting moon/planet, but that they also once inhabited Mars as well. Most of us will be aware of the claim that artificial structures have been photographed in the Cydonia region, including a ‘face’.

On 1st February 2003, Jay proposes that we have a HELLO JUPITER MESSAGE DAY, which will consist of an attempted worldwide interplanetary communication using the power of thought, or telepathy, by Earthlings. Sounds a bit too weird? Millions of ‘sane’ people around the world do exactly this everyday, in the form of prayer. Personally, I think it’s worth a try. The reason for this chosen date is the close proximity of Jupiter to Earth. For more, see:

I can highly recommend this book, and agree with the authors’ discoveries and conclusions. At this moment in time we must not forget that we don’t know where the ceiling on science ends or if there actually is a ceiling at all. Maybe anything is possible!

“The universe is not only stranger than we think, IT MAY BE STRANGER THAN WE CAN THINK!”: Albert Einstein.

‘Messages From Space’, By Jay Goldner, ISBN 0-941188-48-5. For details, see links from



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