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Following up on the much-increased awareness of the phenomenon stirred this year by the circle movies and various television documentaries, ‘Signs of Destiny’, the largest crop circle themed event yet mounted in the USA, took place at Tempe, Arizona, on the weekend of November 22-24 2002. We have received three reports on the event, extracts from which feature below…


The State of Arizona conjures up images of tall cactus deserts and the colourful Grand Canyon National Park. It was here which hosted the biggest and one of the first full crop circle conferences ever to be held in the Western United States. On November 22, 23 and 24, 2002, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Tempe, Dr Chet Snow put on this high profile weekend with professionalism, with enough small breaks to make the agenda run smoothly with plenty of time to interact with others. The international speakers had plenty to share as they spoke to a filled ballroom of nearly 375 attendees. Many of the vendor’s tables started in back of the ballroom then spilled out into an adjoining room. Outside, a beautiful garden and pool area was highly conducive for scintillating conversations with good food and friends. Mark Fussell and Stuart Dyke of the Crop Circle Connector website enjoyed meeting everyone and showed their short film covering the aerial footage of this year’s formations and was nicely done.

Our talented speakers launched fine presentations ranging from the current scene to sacred geometry of the crop formations. Although a few failed our expectations, and emphasis on the balls of light phenomena could have been elaborated, nevertheless they tried their best. In this short space, I will illustrate the highlights of some presentations and recommend purchasing the video or audiotapes from Chet’s website:

Rod Bearcloud Berry, USA: A Native American artist of Osage heritage, Bearcloud owns two art galleries and is the American correspondent for ‘The Spiral’ newsletter. From the late 1990s, he has gone to England for the last several summers to research this sacred geometry and experience their energies first-hand. His presentation illustrated the precise geometry of several spectacular formations with their specific geometric relationship to ancient Egyptian architecture, ie. the pyramids. This amazing research places many crop circle geometries of several particular formations directly over the ancient geometries of the pyramids! Bearcloud showed a short video graphic of the construction of the 1998 seven-fold ‘Koch Snowflake’ formation, taking place with cosmic music against the backdrop of a brilliant starry sky. The masterpiece continued to evolve while floating down into East Field in order to arrive in our dimension. I’ve always believed that these formations come from heaven, and upon seeing this reverent film, the attendees rewarded Bearcloud with an ovation and ditto for his other graphic films, including the complex ‘Queen’ formation measuring more than four hundred feet in diameter. I found it remarkable what the crop circle and Egyptian geometries had in common - it entails more than mere coincidence. Mathematically, it all works!

Paul Anderson, Canada: Paul is a media writer and graphic designer by profession, living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. As the number of Canadian formations grew, he formed an organized network of local researchers and helped found the group now known as the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network. Paul discussed the 2002 formations, along with those from previous years, and included the problem of photographing patterns from such an immense prairie landscape with comparison to the UK. The cooperation of the farmers is a substantial help, as he gets many calls from them. A nice talk with slides. A quarterly newsletter is coming out titled, “The Prairie Circular.” Income from the newsletter will benefit Canadian research as well as the farmers. You can reach Paul at:

Andreas Mueller, Germany: Andreas studied graphic design in Saarbrucken, Germany and has been investigating crop circles in both England and Germany. He is head of the ‘International Crop Circle Archive’ and is also known for producing elegant survey diagrams of crop flow in these formations, and published a book of these sketches. He spoke of his large database on the phenomenon with 4000 records from 45 countries, covering five centuries. His presentation covered the 2002 season of the most interesting circles in Germany including the unusual formations hitting the Island of Rugen. Andreas discussed his problems with the Alien Face/Disc because of the use of its raster lines not being perfectly straight, as with those used in some photographs. True, many of the lines were thinned out or widened, which led Andreas to doubt the authenticity of the formation. However, since time permitted, he invited a short Q & A period. Here, about 25 people all stood up at once, questioning his reasoning. Our familiar human technology is suitable for what we use it for. However, to The Cosmic Agency, etching an intricate picture-design in wheat, may be another matter.

Francine Blake, England: Francine, an accomplished painter, had studied the Classics and Art and is coordinator of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group. She edits ‘The Spiral’ newsletter and gave an overall outstanding presentation laced with humour, with unusual outlooks, and showed slides of her investigations. Regarding the Alien Face/Disc, she mentioned the importance of the overall formation, especially the ‘left eye’, since it was an unusually prominent feature in the Face. In addition, Francine pointed out that when she timed her walk from the centre of the Disc to the outer edge, it took exactly 45 minutes! Considering this time span, plus the intricate work of trying to make a coded message would entail a considerable amount of hours. Francine’s lecture resulted in a standing ovation, whistles and bravos that wouldn’t quit. Later, she was brought back to continue with the slides during the lunch hour. Her 2003 Crop Circle Calendars were sold out after the conference.

The other researchers presented substantial information as well, with the general consensus that the majority of the crop formations are authentic, with science to back it up. For that conclusion, Nancy Talbott, President of BLT Research Inc., USA, came forward with undeniable plant alterations at a cellular level, with many photos indicating extraordinary crimping and spiralling stem phenomenon involving leaves right below the wheat heads, plus everything else discovered under the sun! Linda Moulton Howe, USA, is an author of many wonderful books and researcher extraordinaire. She discussed her visit to Norway for analyzing thermal plasmas of unknown origin. There were good photos of the aerial plasmas. Barbara Lamb, USA, is specialized in regression therapy, and her multi-faceted professional work takes her practically everywhere as a researcher, educator and lecturer. She presented information from her published book ‘Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols’ that shed light on the meaning of many formations as channelled information from high-level spiritual transmissions (the Star Nations). These transmissions range from the prophetic to the spiritual and although many transmissions are abstract, nevertheless, the meaning and the message of the crop formations were presented nicely in Barbara’s lecture. Beautifully done. Many of the speakers conducted workshops that elaborated more deeply into their specific line of research.

The success of the North American conference was due partly to the many crop circle programmes recently aired on American Cable Television, including William Gazecki’s excellent documentary ‘Crop Circles: Quest For Truth’ that played in many cinemas and was shown during the conference. The airings performed a pivotal roll in awaking the sleeping public, and launched a barrage of curiosity. I spoke with many people who had seen the sci-fi flick, ‘Signs’ (no-one liked it, but respected Gazecki’s film), who grabbed enough gumption to seek their own quest for truth by inquiring into these mysterious phenomena. If ‘Signs’ was cunningly designed to eradicate public interest in the real crop circle phenomena, then it mercilessly backfired!

Hopefully, the ‘Signs of Destiny” conference could be a repeat performance in 2003, and, like our beloved Glastonbury Symposium, will continue to win our hearts and challenge our own destiny.




These comments are from a Croppie newbie, who is still on a sharp learning curve. For instance, I think I just can start to see some different camps among the croppies. "Don't believe what anyone tells you on this subject, not even myself", as Colin Andrews put it during his presentation. Well, I don't think it is that bad, but it is probably good to listen with a critical ear.

Overall, I think it was a very well-arranged conference, with lots of interesting and engaging speeches. No-one was bad, some were really good, and then some were extraordinary (Nancy Talbott and Francine Blake). I definitely learnt a lot of new stuff and met with interesting and kind people. I did enjoy the quite huge span of subjects associated with crop circles: New Age, healing, Egyptology, sacred geometry, and then what could be treated as the most down-to-earth work regarding crop circles - the ongoing research activities at BLT. My sincere appreciations to Chet and Kallista Snow!

On Friday evening, Drunvalo Melchizedek kicked off the conference by going into quite strange matters, to say the least... Anyway, I enjoyed it, especially as he mentioned that there are huge snow formations up in the north of Sweden, something I need to check out more thoroughly (I live in Stockholm). And no footprints could be seen around them... As he has been in contact with an ancient druid, he could “tell” that they were behind the formations, with some help from ETs. My apologies, but such information is impossible for me to digest, so I leave that to someone else to interpret and comment on.

Ani Williams ended the evening with beautiful music and song, with the simple arrangements of harp and violin.

Colin Andrews the next morning was someone I have looked forward to hear, as there is so much controversy around this man. I listened really carefully to what he said. It was quite clear that his days were the 80s, where he was one of the pioneers, and had interesting experiences. I think these experiences were indeed important, as crop circles were still much in their innocence back then, and he shall be acknowledged for that. But then, quite tragically to notice, he kind of lost track when crop circles started to develop during the early 90s; the collapse of the Operation Blackbird project, and Doug and Dave. He was specifically humble on the infamous hoaxing percentage level, saying something like "80% / 20% or whatever it might be". It was also interesting to notice how he emphasized from his POV that the hoaxing is an integral part of the phenomenon. Well, yes, perhaps a little, but it’s definitely another side of the aspect spectrum, and not really so interesting to further investigate in my opinion. "Don't trust anyone" he said. Sounds a little bit sour and bitter to me. Is his strategy to return into the limelight again? A book about the Operation Blackbird was promised.

Then the guys from the Crop Circle Connector website, Mark Fussell and Stuart Dike, showed their video about crop circles, with Stuart's own music compositions to back up the pictures. There was an intimate and personal feeling over the production.

Linda Moulton-Howe held a very interesting presentation about a research project in Norway run by researchers from Norway and Italy. A sparsely populated little valley, Hessdalen in Norway, was their focus of interest. Here, "balls of light" have been seen by the locals since the 1850s (at least). Erling Strand, heading the research, was quoted several times through taped interviews. They have put up a lot of equipment in the valley to catch the phenomenon on video and photo. I guess I am one of the few croppies who haven't heard about Hessdalen, but I indeed found it very enlightening to hear about their results, which might indicate that there is more to these balls of lights than just possibly plasma. Here, there are photos and videos that can't be rejected as false. Something really strange is going on in Hessdalen, that's for sure. Then, one wonders how these balls of lights may be the same phenomenon as the ones in crop circles. Similar research should of course be conducted also in the area of crop circles. Sponsors, please register your interest! (Hessdalen info at

Nancy Talbott reported, in a high-paced professional presentation, very interesting results produced by the BLT Research team, as well as with references to the legendary W C Levengood, who, together have done so much for bringing clarity to the phenomenon. I guess most croppies are well-informed regarding node-lengthening and expulsion cavities (or if you are not, check out Adding to this are findings of magnetic material of iron oxide that probably has its origin from meteorites that may follow with the spiralling plasma vortex (just one theory of what is behind the making the crop circles). Further interest is now raised with their new report on clay-mineral crystallisation found in crop circles. This crystallisation is something that so far has only been found several miles down under the surface of the earth as a result of high pressure from what's above, and from the heat of the earth's core. Now, similar characteristics of how clay minerals have been crystallised has been found in crop circles. Intense, instant heat, and microwave energy could be the cause behind it.

Nancy's workshop basically outlined how to do field research for BLT. But crop circle research definitely is in need of a holistic approach, which should include studies on light phenomena, health effects, mathematics, symbolism, biology, chemistry, psychology, etc, etc. And research has so far focused mostly on the effects, and not so much on the phenomenon itself.

Steve Purkaple held a presentation with results of his studies on growing seeds from crop circles. The results so far are exciting, with high growth and exceptional yield - 120 seeds out from just one. Steve did show a serious and warm-hearted interest to use this as a way to increase harvest and hopefully make something good for the starving people on this earth. I definitely respect his engagement and work, but can't help feeling sad about it, as the "rich world" produces far more than we can eat, and wastes a lot for reasons of mechanisms in economy and politics. This is where I think it must start, if hunger and poverty should be extinguished from the earth. Besides this, it is interesting to notice how Americans in any case always look for business opportunities; they are indeed entrepreneurs (my admiration!). Nancy Talbott also told how Levengood has made some electronic apparatus that, if I understood it right, stimulates crops to a much increased growth, based on results of his crop circle research

Francine Blake then followed with a very inspiring, fun, engaging, and interesting presentation about her crop circle experience, mostly centered on her photo work. She really made her point that this could NOT be all man-made (at least counting from the 90s). Many interesting things were told, but as this report now has become pretty lengthy, I just like to say that what I felt was the most important outcome of her presentation was her heart, warmth, enthusiasm, spirit, and humour. Standing ovations! In her, I saw the reason for why crop circles really matter.

Andreas Muller then reported from crop circles in Germany. Very interesting to notice some differences in the traits of crop circles in Germany and those in, for instance, England. In Germany, they are more “organic”, as Andreas put it. But why is that? Research please!

My final attendance was to Linda's workshop about strange light effects in US & Canadian crop circles. She continued from where she ended her previous presentation. The balls of lights are indeed present also on the American continent. She reported about a ball of light that followed a person driving her car, with the ball of light "seated" in the back, and as she parked the car and turned off the engine, the ball of light disappeared (thanks for the ride!). Well, well, well... Linda ended her presentation with a quite lengthy discussion of what has happened around Chilbolton during recent years, and out from that tried to find patterns and traces in and between different formations. The humanoid, code and alien formations, plus some more; didn't they possibly make up an intelligent and well-planned pattern, Linda asked? I have a hard time myself to believe that these formations are NOT hoaxed, but on the other hand, IF real, their value can't be underestimated.




Over 280 registrants gathered at the excellent Embassy Suites in sunny Tempe, Arizona on the weekend of November 22 to 24. Conference organiser, Chet Snow, brought together a stellar speaker list of renowned 'croppie' names from around the world, as well as a few new faces.

Friday evening began with the inspirational melodies of harpist Ani Williams followed by Drunvalo Melchizedek's presentation, a gripping account of his search for the meaning behind the crop circles. It was one that several years earlier had compelled him to journey to Stonehenge where he had a personal encounter with the ancient mystic, Merlin.

The conference continued early the next morning with Colin Andrews discussing the early days of the crop circle phenomenon. Far from rehashing old news, Andrews captivatingly relayed his own personal experiences of what he called the 'uncontaminated' period of the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Andrews spoke of ‘Operation Blackbird’ and stressed that, to this day, he would still like to find out about the video tape that mysteriously disappeared from the 'yellow camera' (curiously, Andrews said that the military has recently contacted him again about crop circles). He feels that interaction is undoubtedly affiliated with this phenomenon. Could it perhaps be an experiment in human consciousness and, if so, who or what is doing it? Andrews said we should each ask ourselves, "Who am I and where is this taking me?", while passionately reminding us of the current 'critical year of D and D'. That's not 'D and D' as in 'Doug and Dave' but rather 'denial and deception'. In closing, Andrews said, "The future of our planet is what we are thinking."

In contrast, Linda Moulton Howe's presentation detailed unexplained lights and crop circles using information gathered from her recent visit with engineer Erling Strand in Hesstalen, Norway. Mysterious lights had been reported in the area for years, and Strand's research, the focus of a future ‘Discovery Channel’ documentary, included constant video surveillance to capture these flashing balls of light (BOLs) that appear anywhere from a fraction of a second to up to two hours. At the beginning of the experiment, researchers were almost convinced that these were 'thermal plasmas of unknown origin” but the data proved otherwise. The BOLs were found to actually be spheres clustered around a common centre, constantly changing shape and often 'ejecting' smaller balls of light. It's still unknown why the BOLs eject spheres, but whatever the cause (perhaps linked to the minerals of the geographic area?), a central force of unknown origin is created. These BOLs seem to be self-heating (potential source of new energy for mankind?) and are sometimes seen on radar, but not with the naked eye (as well as vice-versa!). They have also been know to interact with humans.

Interestingly, BOLs associated with crop circles act similarly and it is thought that magnetic distortions and the electrostatic field of formations may cause the 'translucent sphere' type of BOL. Howe recounted the Teton crop circle (, where countless orbs appeared on the video and camera film, but not to the naked eye, although one teenager indicated that she experienced seeing 'flashes' of light.

Paul Anderson of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network then gave a fascinating presentation of the Canadian crop circle scene, with formations eerily reminiscent of the UK's 'early days'. Keep an eye on his website,, to see if these interesting crop circles evolve in seasons to come.

After a break, whereby the audience could browse the fascinating foyer exhibition area, we were treated to the Crop Circle Connector's beautiful video of the latest UK formations. Stuart Dike and Mark Fussell's premiere video, ‘Out in the Fields 2002’ is available through their wonderful website and is a must-buy for any croppie.

The next speaker, Nancy Talbott of BLT Research Inc., then talked us through the latest scientific observations. One fact often overlooked by many croppies is that lodging, or randomly-downed crops with a very chaotic lay, exhibits many of the same plant changes found in complex glyphs. Talbott's talk elaborated on much of the new evidence from her excellent website ( and her account of actually witnessing a crop circle being made held the audience spellbound.

Native American Rod Bearcloud then took the conference in a different direction, and spoke of the ancient Native symbols found in many crop circles. The idea of a 'Star Nation' is common to many indigenous peoples and, as Bearcloud said, they may now be helping us to become more open to their wisdom. The final speaker of the evening was John Anthony West who gave a engaging and very interesting presentation, ‘The Great Sphinx and the Quest to Rewrite History’, based on his world-famous research into the Sphinx and ancient Egyptian symbolism.

On Sunday, Steve Purkaple, a croppie from Illinois (and one who creates interesting 3-d representations of many crop circles), spoke of his experiments with growing crop circle seeds. Purkaple said that by 2012 we will have more people on earth than wheat to feed them and that the 'super seeds' of crop circles may be an obvious solution.

Francine Blake of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group then spoke on her area's recent summer of amazing glyphs, followed by Andreas Mueller's description of the 'free-hand', organic style of the German formations. One of the highlights of the conference was a brief but electrifying debate on the controversial Crabwood alien formation, spurred on by Blake and Mueller's respectful but diverging opinions.

Barbara Lamb then spoke of the spiritual aspect of this phenomenon as detailed in her book ‘Crop Circles Revealed: Language and Light Symbols’. Co-authored with channel Judith Moore, the book looks at crop circles (even the man-made ones) as part of a formula to help heal and evolve our world as well as humanity as a whole.

Sunday also included another must-buy video, William Gazecki's documentary ‘Crop Circles: Quest for Truth’. The movie was shown in its entirety to conference members and again later that evening to interested members of the community - a great idea and one that demonstrates how important it is to bring the whole phenomenon to the general public.

All in all, if Chet Snow's first North American Crop Circle Conference is any indication, start saving your travel money. The next one (possibly in California during the winter of 2003/2004) will definitely be worth the trip!



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