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Read on for Swirled News’s message to you all…

We would like to wish all of our readers everywhere the very best of Seasons Greetings. We hope everyone has a happy time.

Traditionally, the Midwinter festival is about light in the darkness, and this year there is clearly a need to emphasise this in the face of growing political tension and gathering forces of aggression.

Unfortunately, in the US and the UK, our leaders seem intent on starting a conflict that hardly anyone at a street level appears to actually want or believes necessary. Quite the contrary, it is clear that the vast majority of people here in the UK at least are opposed to a pre-emptive strike against the people of Iraq. There are obviously problems with the regime in power over there – but where will the desire to contain such regimes end? Who will be next to come under the steely eye of the self-elected global policemen? Is this really the way to deal with it?

It is clear there are many alternative options to war which are not being pursued. Any other paths are continually sidelined and denigrated, and the UN weapons inspectors appear to be viewed as nothing more than a silly distraction by our own leaders, who have been secretive and sneaky in the way they have handled the recent Iraqi weapons report, seemingly filtering knowledge of its details for their own ends.

With the current headlong rush into a conflict that can only destabilise an obviously already sensitive region and cause death, pain, hardship and misery where no more need necessarily occur, it is hard to come to any conclusion other than that our leaders do not have people’s best interests at heart. They are quite clearly pursuing a dishonest agenda that even a child can see has more to do with oil and political influence than any war against terrorism, and those appear to be just the tip of a whacking great iceberg of other hidden agendas. If there were at least some openness and honesty about the real intentions of the US and the UK in attacking Iraq, at least one could feel we knew where we all stood.

Many feel disempowered by the waves of fear deliberately being stirred up by the powers that be. This fear-mongering is manipulative and deliberate. It appears designed to keep us all paralysed into inaction, so that we give our power away to higher authorities. We need to leave that fear behind and move forward into a mode of positive and proactive thinking. There are always threats somewhere in the world, but the now constant reiteration of the danger from terrorism, stirred ever deeper after the terrible tragedy of 9/11, is beginning to be abused.

Misplaced paranoia or not, it is astonishing and very telling how many people are now even prepared to believe that our own leaders might sponsor such terrorist attacks themselves to galvanise public opinion behind them. The fact that we have reached a point where there is such distrust of those we elect, is a desperately sad reflection of how they have let us down, whether the conspiracy theorists are right or wrong.

So, if our leaders do not have our best interests at heart, that leaves only one option – to do something about it ourselves. One important way of doing this, before considering other practical action, is to WITHDRAW OUR CONSENT from our leaders. It can just be an energy, a thought, and it DOES make a difference – those in the UK have direct experience of this with the mass-resistance to genetically-modified food that has been so instrumental in slowing down its rise in Britain, despite all the determined intentions of our government to introduce it. Collective will holds back or propels, far more than we know. If you share qualms about the current actions, then be very clear in your minds that you DO NOT wish them. Hold instead a thought-form that gives out what you would wish instead.

It has been shown time and time again that collective thought makes a real difference in the world. Experiments with Random Number Generators (computers which can be influenced by mass-thought) and telepathy show that this is not just some abstract concept, but a very real power. Even experiments with crop circles, UFOs and the power of the mind have shown clear interactive qualities that cannot be dismissed. There’s no time to go into it here – investigate it yourselves.

The important thing is to not give your energy to the warmongering propaganda which we are now being bombarded with. Don’t let your attention be diverted into the fascination of the build-up, feeding the vampiric needs of our leaders – instead, hold that energy in and use it for something good. Put aside any secret excitements at all the sexy weaponry and testosterone being paraded before our eyes, and see the real picture behind things – human misery and power games from those who would do with the world as they wish for their own dubious aims. Their hands CAN be stayed if enough people resist. WITHDRAWING ENERGY from the situation and instead flooding it with alternative thoughts DOES work – alongside practical action.

Do not give into fear, either from those who wish us to be paralysed by it, or from those who, in misplaced good intent, scream about the perils of an impending Third World War. This is a negative thought-form. We are not in that situation at this moment in time, and hopefully never will be. Scream instead about a new era of understanding and PEACE.

If you wish to join in with it, there is currently a great project in influencing world peace using collective thought going on, led by one James Twyman, in a very hands-on attempt at galvanising as many people to link up for peace as possible. Have a look at:

New Age claptrap? If you wish. But the practical routes are there too. Join demonstrations. Sign petitions. Give out leaflets. Write to your local politicians or MPs and tell them what you think. Check out websites campaigning for peace. Attend meetings. Above all, TELL OTHER PEOPLE about your qualms about the current situation, open as many eyes as you can to the fact that events are being manipulated against the will of the majority of people and that we CAN make a difference.

When fear and so much propaganda have to be so overtly used to freeze us into inaction and get us on side with our leaders’ wishes, that is all the proof you need that THEY know that our thoughts and beliefs make a difference.

Use this power they subtly credit us with, then. Do it now. Don’t sit by and wait for others to do it for you. We’re all in this together.

Make a difference.

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you all.

Love from Swirled News


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