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The new version of Andy Thomas’s crop circle book ‘Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery’ has been nominated for ‘Kindred Spirit’ magazine’s 2002 Awards…

Inevitably, the news that your friendly neighbourhood Swirled News editor’s book has been nominated for the best ‘Mind Body & Spirit’ book of 2002 by readers of ‘Kindred Spirit’ magazine will come across here as a puff piece. However, this is the fact of the matter and we would be failing in our duty not to tell you!

‘Kindred Spirit’ is one of the world’s leading ‘alternative’ magazines. Just three other books are in the running for this particular category, and readers are being invited to cast their votes. Voting closes January 15th 2003. (There's free entry into a £100 prize draw for all voters.)

Full details of the 2002 awards can be found on pages 62-63 of the current Winter issue of ‘Kindred Spirit’, and also at:

The same issue also contains a double-page gallery of crop circle images from 2002.

Meanwhile, publication of the US edition of ‘Vital Signs’, slightly delayed, is now imminent. We’ll keep you up to date! However, details and online ordering for the UK edition of ‘Vital Signs’ can be found at:


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