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FACE & DISK – YET MORE DEBATE! - 01/12/2002

Further reflections on the Crabwood alien face...

The debate about this formation continues on websites around the world, but two facts remain which never seem to be addressed:

1) No one has claimed it as their hoax yet (three months to the day now).

2) More importantly, no one seems to be able to say if there were any crop anomalies, which would have at least suggested that it was genuine. Given its remarkable construction, I would have thought that any crop circle examiner would have made looking for anomalies a priority.

Whatever the answer, it's comforting to know that it has stirred up so much debate. It also makes you wonder what "they" will do to top it next season. I can hardly wait.



There has been much debate about this between me and my friends, mainly because it does not look like your average crop circle, so therefore it raises suspicion of being "photo-shopped" even by people who already believe in crop circles. The reason that it looks so different is because it’s not your average "crop circle". It’s a new breed of crop circles appearing lately in fields which they’re calling "crop illustrations".

I read an article on it on the Sedona journal website. The information was channelled from a disembodied entity known as Zoosh. I trust this entity and the publication, so for me this helped. Plus the information just feels as though it’s coming from a higher vibration. For others who don’t believe in channelling etc., this article may not confirm a darn thing. The article doesn’t talk about the "alien face" in particular, but it talks about two other crop illustrations (another which is a face) which are similar in that they are unusual. They are more modernized. It’s quite interesting and they go into the meaning behind some of the circles, so if you’re interested go to:

and click on the link to the right: "The meaning of crop circle illustrations”.



The alien face has me wondering... I understand the reasons for the delayed updates on Swirled News, but it is disturbing that after the appearance of the alien face crop design, there has been so little discussion about it. The picture is stunning, but that's just it. It is a picture instead of an abstract design. I am very anxious to know what the researchers think about this.


This crop formation has received more coverage on Swirled News than any other this year! If the amount of discussion provoked so far – oodles of it in our Feedback pages and at least three lengthy pieces in our Headlines - hasn’t provided satisfaction yet, then it can only be because the truth is no-one really knows the final score on it! - Ed


One part of this [article by Jack Sullivan] made me write to you. I have written about and theorised over many articles, and analysed many pictures from the Chibolton formations (and now recently the Crabwood formations). All thoughts now strengthened by the facts and evidence surrounding the new Crabwood formation, and just how it relates to the Chilbolton crop circle of 2001. It came to me after analyzing and enhancing various pictures of the entire area and formations at Chibolton that the "face" was real, a fantastic visual creation, far beyond anything we've seen with any prior crop circle. Using plants to make a type of 3-D "plant hologram" is amazing. Now I also think the formation next to the code is very much man-made unfortunately [what conclusive evidence is there for this? – Ed], but that's not why I'm writing. What is more interesting is that the face, I believe, is an alien artifact, and is possibly the face of the actual "planker", as it is very human. Has anyone thought maybe these beings have the ability to have a sense of humour? Can you imagine the guy who masterminded the Chilbolton code setup, later seeing his face right next to it? In a fraction of the time!!? And done with the complexity and accuracy it was!! I thought it amazing to wonder about another civilization visiting here and doing that on such a one-to-one level. Maybe now the hoaxster is a changed person, dumbfounded, an active part of the UFO movement, who knows...

In the article by Jack Sullivan it's stated:

”As for the message itself, I think it is clearly expressing displeasure aimed at the hoaxing fraternity. The implied true gifts are the wonderful crop formations we have been presented with. The "False gifts" are the plankers' efforts and false claims, which are seen to be mocking the real thing.”

I as well have said it is without a doubt impossible to recreate in any way shape or manner the complexities of the face by means of a group of men with planks...

Jack mentions the code at Crabwood, but I have never heard the face at Chilbolton together with the theory of emotional displeasure, backed by the written message within the "CD" at Crabwood - "Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises.” Instead of looking at pictures of Chilbolton and Crabwood blurred, try using a median-type program filter to view them. I will send images to anyone using this technique if asked. The details are beyond what is seen with the ordinary eye or camera lens, right down to cheekbones, eyebrows and the pupils of the eyes. The face itself was created by a machine(s). The answer really is staring at us all, in "the face". And now the "CD" formation as well.

BARRIE D CALGARY, Alberta, Canada


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