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ON THE LINE - 30/11/2002

Lay it on the line says TOM SUTTER!

That opening sentence [at the top of our main page] by David Whitehouse ought to be referred to as "Today's version of a flat Earth" instead of "We beg to differ". Those are words that a mouse would use while talking to a cat. LAY IT ON THE LINE. Whitehouse is merely a mouthpiece for the UFO suppresser powers that be. Don't dignify a lie like that by use of the word "beg". Throw it back in his face as hard as you can. He represents deception, we represent humanity and the things that humanity will gain by establishing relations with advanced societies. Do not ever dialogue with any such self-centered truth suppresser. Make the follow-the-leader lemming mentality that they embrace be known to all. And do it with the dignity of one who knows he is right. After which, cease any dialogue with that person. He/she is not worth the effort to enlighten. Their minds are closed. Let them reopen them if/when they ever gain the moral integrity to do so. There is no cowering to self-centered mouthpieces who ignore/deny the obvious at this site.



Actually, we had at one point thought of simply putting the word “Bollocks” there instead of “We beg to differ”, but decided against it..! - Ed


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