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STRETCHING - 29/11/2002

SUZANNE TAYLOR reflects on the deliberate? enigmatic qualities of the circlemakers...

Reading all the interesting Crabwood ideas, I find myself reinforced in the speculation I've had for a long time. The grand circlemakers out there are so adept at penetrating our reality that I think they could do just about anything. If they wanted to do something whereby everyone would get it that they are for real, I bet they could deliver a clear message about who they are and why they are visiting - or do something so stupendous that we'd have to take note, like delivering thousands of formations at one time. Since they keep themselves enigmatic, I believe it is their purpose to keep us stretching. Giving humanity a gift I don't think would be as powerful a spur to its needed shift of consciousness, from separation to oneness, as making people think and reach. When we are involved in earning our awareness, it more surely is ours when we get it - please God that we indeed do get it in time, given the insanity of the governments in the world today. Thanks to everyone for all the good thinking going on!



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