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Responses to some of our recent coverage of the Crabwood formation, and further general thoughts on this extraordinary design…

I really enjoyed Martin Noakes’s interpretation of what was going on with the ET holding that CD-looking object. When September rolled around I was looking forward to some really spectacular configurations, because of all that had gone before. All that happened, however, were two orb-like images [we presume the Alton Barnes maize formations – one a circle and the other a ring - are being referred to here - Ed], which until yesterday had no cause to provoke further consideration. I don't know exactly when it happened, but I felt compelled to go back and look at those seemingly artless images again only to discover, when looking at them juxtaposed, that they struck me as being irises in which one pupil was dilated (low light perhaps) and the other was constricted (bright light). Also I gave some thought to Mr Noakes’s explanation of how our TV works and how the effort at duplicating media-like imagery is quite a sleight-of-hand trick on many levels, but the one which makes me feel giddy is the ET's awareness of how our collective consciousness, for many, is plugged into the TUBE.

Coming from that perspective, I imagined that some movie director honed in on the ET's pupils as some sort of closure until, perhaps the next episode. Also if I can recall, it was only Steven Spielberg who has portrayed ETs as sentient beings, in his movie ET, and remarkably enough it was only in that movie that I have ever seen an ET with PUPILS AND IRIS.

Just my spin.




Thanks for your [Jack Sullivan] article on the face and disc formation. I found it to be very interesting and informative. I also want to say that I am grateful there are sources like Swirled News for access to this kind of information.

I did want to respond briefly to your concluding hypothesis as to what "deception" is opposed and what is meant by "much pain but still time". This is just one idea being thrown into the ring. I have been following the crop circle phenomenon for some time now. I get the gut feeling that whoever or whatever is the causal agent of those formations that are the most mysterious and awe inspiring, involves a level of consciousness that appreciates beauty, is benevolent, and has a keen awareness of the interconnectivity of life. If this is anywhere close to the truth, then it is also keenly aware of our need to awaken to this awareness, and our resistance to doing so. I feel there would be much less concern for lads with boards doing poor imitations of masterpieces, than for those in positions of power, knowledge, and technical expertise using those resources to actively deny, cover-up, and thus deceive the masses who are without the same resource base. If the messages are meant to aid us in rising to a level of awareness that would facilitate true growth through spiritual evolution, and they are being covered up and/or obscured by those who claim to lead us in good faith, then we should indeed "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES". For it would result in "Much PAIN but", hopefully, "still time". We would naturally be encouraged to "BELIEvE", if " There is GOOD out there." And finally, it would be important to relate to those who are hindering the disclosure of these messages that "We OPpose DECEPTION". Finally, it would also seem reasonable to me to follow the "Conduit CLOSING" by encouraging those who do understand the nature of the messages to "Acknowledge".

For what it’s worth, another hypothesis to consider... Thanks again for your valuable work.



Upon seeing the face/disc, I realised at once that the image is of a "Reptilian" species, who have not been known for benevolence towards us humans. It is simply a warning for us to be careful of them. Aren't there any other folks who realize this?



My name is Chris Ebbert, I teach digital imaging at Karlsruhe Fachhochschule (university). The images of the ET face startled and intrigued me very much, so I subjected them to a little digital checking [see photos, top right].

What I found may or may not surprise you. When you look at what I've come up with after a little fiddling, you'll have to agree that the image is not merely a logo-type graphic image, but rather seems to be the product of direct translation from an actual image with realistic lighting conditions into a "crop graphic". The fidelity of shading is very obvious, and tells me that whatever means were used to put that image into the field must have been digitally guided to obtain such perfect translation.

If you have Photoshop, here's what to do to come up with the image I got. Please try it, you will see I did not add drama to it, but only made visible what there is.

First, straighten the image out (ie. undo the perspective); then, convert it to black and white mode; blur it with a Gaussian blur to get rid of the grainy crops, and drive up the contrast, down the brightness. Done.

I'm not trying to imply anything here. For all I know, this could also be the photograph of a Hollywood prop. But then, maybe it's not. Just look at the atmosphere and tell me what you feel.

Chris Ebbert (lecturer at Fachchochschule Karlsruhe)

[Interesting to see how different the results are from Martin Noakes’s similar blurring exercise in his recent article – Ed]


I've got my new web site up and running at:

A "Comments on the 2002 UK Alien Face Formation" article appears about 3/4 of the way down the main/index page. You might find it interesting and mention it in The Feedback portion of your website. The web page article (supposedly) will also appear in the next issue of ‘The Cereologist’.




Well done. A very good article.


Original image (photo: LUCY PRINGLE)
Original image (photo: LUCY PRINGLE)


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