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EUROSMART has some inspirational musings…

I really think the crop scene needs a kick up the place where the sun don't shine. I'm pulling together a whole lot of people, here and in the states, who are putting their hearts and minds into elevating human consciousness.

I see the problem as being one of fragmentation. The web is helping, of course, with exchanges of ideas and information, but what is desperately needed is a rallying place; a single point of focus.

Above all, an enlightened and coordinated human response; intent in action.

We have forgotten so many truths, and deny so much of our relationship with this, our planet of choice.

The problem with the scientific method should be well understood, as it relies on instruments, based on observation and measurement, whilst our finest instrument, our brain, lies mostly dormant, and under-developed.

Nature, although based on mathematical constructs such as fractals of incredible complexity, displays curves, and rounds, and circular geometry, on which we impose grids! Cubes, within cubes, on which to align our measuring instruments, calibrated with scientific precision, of course.

Are we destined, forever to hide in fear behind the blackboards of our scientists, the high priests of 21st century logic, and their linear, point to point, measuring instruments?

An example of our denial of reality:

Our planet, from which our bodies, these spacesuits, are constructed, originated in the ‘Big Bang’. Out of nothing came everything. Most folk who correctly report an OBE, such as Cosmic Consciousness, or an NDE, will tell you the experience mostly defies descriptors in words alone, but they will (using the criteria of science – repeatability) carry two thoughts out of it - that everything IS nothing, and that the creation IS love.

I'll break off for a-muse at this point:

Can you imagine, an astronaut returning from a mission into deep space, perhaps lights years in the making. The excited crowds and scientists assemble for the de-briefing.

So tell us, what was it like?
"Oh it was so beautiful, the colours the light, words cannot describe it."

Huh, OK, so, what happened, what did you make of it?

Er... did you meet any aliens?
"Sort of."

What do you mean, sort of?
"Well, I met me, for the first time, the real me."

Yes, I think we're getting the picture now! Did you meet any other life forms, we mean, real aliens?
"Yes, I met all of you"

Did they, er... us, say anything?
"Not in a manner of speaking; they used telepathy."

Give us the message then, we want to know!
"They, you, said you loved me."

At this point the interview is terminated, and the men in white coats, with scientific instruments, arrive.

A-musement all round.

So returning to our earth, with a bang, everything that is was created out of nothing, what you might call our ultimate paradox, including us, of course. We are made of that very same star-bangled nothingness. The scientists are still trying to measure the nothing using everything they've got, which, of course, in reality is nothing, and incidentally ultimately counts for nothing.

Until they can prove it, without any shadow of doubt, they refuse to accept that nothing exists. Meantime, of course, we all know it to be a reality, because as the saying goes, "I've arrived, and to prove it I'm here!" Or to put it another way "I am, that I am".

I got this dream, about the crop circles, from day one. When did the Glastonbury music festival start? What year did U2 perform ‘Kashmir’ at Glastonbury?

What would happen if a sound and light show for the ancestors was enacted at Stonehenge, with tower of laser lights up from Silbury Hill, and Glastonbury Tor, intersecting in a massive pyramid in the sky; pi in the sky?

What if it were organised, and attended by an intuitive group or spiritually enlightened humans; real druids, visualisers, remote viewers, believers?

It would make the government’s Millennium Dome look like an abandoned child's toy, which is exactly what it is.

Father of the four winds, fill my sails across the years... Stuff of magic....

And can I get through to Reg Presley...? Wish would be a fine thing.

This was my dream.

Please, mail me Reg - Derrel of wants comms…



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